02759cam a2200457 i 4500in00000000011131115t20142014onca 6 000 1 eng 20210917115741.4(OCoLC)ocn863768252NLCengrdaNLCYDXCPCNEDMOCLCOCDXRRPOCLCFOCLCONhCcYBP9780307363060hardcover0307363066hardcover(OCoLC)863768252n-cn---PN6733.O43S43 2014PN6733.O43S43 2014741.5/97123O'Malley, Bryan Lee,author,artist.Seconds /Bryan Lee O'Malley ; with Jason Fischer, drawing assistant, Dustin Harbin, lettering, Nathan Fairbairn, color.Toronto :Random House Canada,2014.Ã2014321 pages :colour illustrations ;21 cmtexttxtrdacontentstill imagestirdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierIssued also in electronic format."Katie's got it pretty good. She's a talented young chef, she runs a successful restaurant, and she has big plans to open an even better one. Then, all at once, progress on the new location bogs down, her charming ex-boyfriend pops up, her fling with another chef goes sour, and her best waitress gets badly hurt. And just like that, Katie's life goes from pretty good to not so much. What she needs is a second chance. Everybody deserves one, after all--but they don't come easy. Luckily for Katie, a mysterious girl appears in the middle of the night with simple instructions for a do-it-yourself do-over: 1. Write your mistake 2. Ingest one mushroom 3. Go to sleep 4. Wake anew. And just like that, all the bad stuff never happened, and Katie is given another chance to get things right. She's also got a dresser drawer full of magical mushrooms--and an irresistible urge to make her life not just good, but perfect. Too bad it's against the rules. But Katie doesn't care about the rules--and she's about to discover the unintended consequences of the best intentions"--Dust jacket.Graphic novelsCanada.Graphic novels.fast(OCoLC)fst00946656Canada.fast(OCoLC)fst01204310Graphic novels.lcgftRomans graphiques.Graphic novels.fast(OCoLC)fst01726630O'Malley, Bryan Lee, author, illustrator.Seconds.(CaOONL)2013906410930001001571811O'MALLEYSECONDSUSD.o1147001x15.8812016-07-06699438a906ecff-7897-4816-a9a6-e1e649d3ff65a906ecff-7897-4816-a9a6-e1e649d3ff65
02260cam a2200445 i 4500in00000000009150206s2015 enk e 000 f eng 20210917115741.49043300629056507699062468189780571316441 (paperback)0571316441 (paperback)9780571313242 (hbk)0571313248 (hbk)9780571313259 (ePub ebook)(OCoLC)903889513(OCoLC)904330062(OCoLC)905650769(OCoLC)906246818(OCoLC)ocn903889513AU@engAU@rdaOCLCONTAUPCDXGK8OCLCFYDXCPUKBORSTFGZMMSTNhCcYBPPR6108.A52G57 2015823/.9223Hamer, Kate,author.The girl in the red coat /Kate Hamer.London :Faber and Faber,2015.378 pages ;24 cmtexttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierEight-year-old Carmel has always been different - sensitive, distracted, with an heartstopping tendency to go missing. Her mother Beth, newly single, worries about her daughter's strangeness, especially as she is trying to rebuild a life for the two of them on her own. When she takes Carmel for an outing to a local festival, her worst fear is realised: Carmel disappears into the crowd. Unable to accept the possibility that her daughter might be gone for good, Beth embarks on a mission to find her. Meanwhile, Carmel begins an extraordinary and terrifying journey of her own. But do the real clues to Carmel's disappearance lie in the otherworldly qualities her mother had only begun to guess at?Missing childrenFiction.Single mothersFiction.Missing children.fast(OCoLC)fst01023685Single mothers.fast(OCoLC)fst01119370Mystery fiction.gsafdFiction.fast(OCoLC)fst01423787ebook version978057131325930001001571795HAMERGIRLUSD.o1146799x10.1312016-07-06699438fb312adb-199b-4aaa-b473-fb74a373c9aafb312adb-199b-4aaa-b473-fb74a373c9aaKøbenhavns UniversitetOnlineOnlineOnlineitemitemitemLC Modifiedbookitemitemitemitemitemholding2holding2holding2holding2
01572cam a22004098i 4500in00000000015151104s2016 maua b 001 0 eng 20210917115741.5 201503969492682104093423362497802620341110262034115(hardcover ;alk. paper)(OCoLC)928023796(OCoLC)926821040(OCoLC)934233624(OCoLC)ocn928023796IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSpccQ180.55.E4P37 2015001.4/2028523Paarsch, Harry J.,author.A gentle introduction to effective computing in quantitative research :what every research assistant should know /Harry J. Paarsch and Konstantin Golyaev.1607Cambridge, Massachusetts ;London, England :The MIT Press,[2016]Ã2016xxxvii, 738 pagesillustrations ;23 cm.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierIncludes bibliographical references and index.Quantitative researchComputer programs.Electronic data processing.ResearchData processing.StatisticsData processing.Golyaev, Konstantin,author.14376mime11mybpeMILANOMI - Songia Eugeniomieso3050810Luigi Filippinimieso6adf0264-e8f4-405d-8729-6d07ed1b4fa96adf0264-e8f4-405d-8729-6d07ed1b4fa9
05329cam a22005298i 4500in00000000014160118s2016 enk 000 0 eng 20210917115741.5 201504714392740080797811071271281107127122(hardback)(OCoLC)935783901(OCoLC)927400807(OCoLC)ocn935783901IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSpcca-cc---HC430.T4C4637 2016338.95123BUS035000bisacshChina's innovation challenge :overcoming the middle-income trap /edited by Arie Y. Lewin, Martin Kenney, Johann Peter Murmann.1604Cambridge, United Kingdom :Cambridge University Press,2016.pages cmtexttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrier"The miracle growth of the Chinese economy has decreased from a compound annual growth rate of 10% to less than 7% in 2015. The two engines of growth - export on a scale never before witnessed and massive infrastructure investments - are reaching the point of diminishing returns. This poses the central question which is explored in this book - can China escape the middle-income trap? Assuming current political arrangements remain unchanged and that it does not or cannot adopt Western sociopolitical economic regimes, can China develop an indigenous growth model centered on innovation? This compilation gathers leading Chinese and other international scholars to consider the daunting challenges and complexities of building an innovation-driven Chinese growth model. Providing several comprehensive perspectives, it examines key areas such as the institutional system, technology, sociocultural forces and national policy. The analyses and their conclusions range from strong optimism to deep pessimism about China's future"--Provided by publisher."Over the past four decades, China has evolved from being largely isolated and irrelevant to the world economy to having the world's second-largest economy, and it is widely expected to have the largest economy in the near future. In the process, China went from having a largely agricultural economy, with over 80 percent of population in the countryside, to a major industrial economy, with less than 30 percent of population working in agriculture. Without repeating well-known historical details, the economic liberalization that began in 1978 was accompanied by a national policy that created surplus labor in the rural economy and unleashed a migration to the free-trade economic zones, which became hubs of low- cost, labor-intensive manufacturing for exports"--Provided by publisher.Machine generated contents note: 1. China's innovation challenge: an introduction Arie Y. Lewin, Martin Kenney and Johann Peter Murmann; 2. New structural economies: the future of the Chinese economy Justin Yifu Lin; 3. Impact of China's invisible societal forces on its intended evolution Gordon Redding; 4. The road ahead for China: implications from the South Korea experience Michael A. Witt; 5. Innovation and technological specialization of Chinese industry Keun Lee; 6. China's political economy: prospects for technological innovation-based growth Douglas Fuller; 7. Transforming China's IP system to stimulate innovation Menita Liu Cheng and Can Huang; 8. Building the innovation capacity of SMEs in China John Child; 9. Who benefits when MNEs partner with local enterprises in China? Simon Collinson; 10. Advantages and challenges of Chinese MNEs in global competition Yves Doz and Keeley Wilson; 11. Emerging trends in global sourcing of innovation Silvia Massini, Keren Crispin-Wagner and Eliza Chilimoniuk-Przezdziecka; 12. Why is China failing to leapfrog India's IT outsourcing industry? Weidong Xia, Mary Ann Von Glinow and Yingxia Lia; 13. Barriers to organizational creativity in Chinese firms Zhi-Xue Zhang and Weiguo Zhong; 14. Institutional and cultural contexts of creativity and innovation in China Chi-Yue Chiu, Shyhnan Liou and Letty Y-Y. Kwan; 15. Reframing basis for cross-cultural management Rosalie L. Tung; 16. China's innovation challenge: concluding reflections Arie Y. Lewin, Martin Kenney and Johann Peter Murmann.Technological innovationsEconomic aspectsChina.Economic developmentChina.ChinaEconomic policy.ChinaEconomic conditions.BUSINESS & ECONOMICSInternationalGeneral.bisacshEconomic development.fast(OCoLC)fst00901785Economic history.fast(OCoLC)fst00901974Economic policy.fast(OCoLC)fst00902025Technological innovationsEconomic aspects.fast(OCoLC)fst01145010China.fast(OCoLC)fst01206073Lewin, Arie Y.,1935-editor.Kenney, Martin,editor.Murmann, Johann Peter,1967-editor.18930mime11mybpeMILANOMI - Songia Eugeniomieso3050810Luigi Filippinimieso5d63a94c-7b75-470f-9cc9-11631923e3455d63a94c-7b75-470f-9cc9-11631923e345
03191cam a2200673 i 4500in00000000018150921t20162016enka bc 001 0 eng c20210917115741.697819103502631910350265(hardback)9781910350270(paperback)1910350273(paperback)(OCoLC)921863951(OCoLC)ocn921863951IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSengitapcce-it---ND623.G5A4 2016759.523Facchinetti, Simone,author,curator.In the age of Giorgione /[exhibition curators, Simone Facchinetti, Museo Adriano Bernareggi, Bergamo, Arturo Galansino, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Per Rumberg, Royal Academy of Arts, London ; translation from the Italian, Caroline Beamish].London :Royal Academy of Arts,[2016]New York :Distributed in the United States and Canada by Harry N. Abrams, Inc.,Ã2016165 pages :illustrations (chiefly color) ;28 cmtexttxtrdacontentstill imagestirdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierArt museum curatorslcdgtIncludes bibliographical references (pages 155-161) and index."First published on the occasion of the exhibition 'In the Age of Giorgione', Royal Academy of Arts, London, 12 March - 5 June 2016"--Title page verso.The biography of a myth / Simone Facchinetti and Arturo Galansino -- Plates / with section introductions and catalogue entries by Simone Facchinetti -- Portraits -- Landscape -- Devotional works -- Allegorical portraits.Giorgione,1477-1511Exhibitions.Giorgione,1477-1511.Giorgione,1477-1511.fast(OCoLC)fst00032687PaintersItalyExhibitions.Painting, RenaissanceItalyVeniceExhibitions.Painting, ItalianItalyVenice15th centuryExhibitions.Painting, ItalianItalyVenice16th centuryExhibitions.Painters.fast(OCoLC)fst01050530Painting, Italian.fast(OCoLC)fst01050910Painting, Renaissance.fast(OCoLC)fst01051051Italy.fast(OCoLC)fst01204565ItalyVenice.fast(OCoLC)fst012044731400-1599fastExhibition catalogs.lcgftExhibition catalogs.fast(OCoLC)fst01424028Giorgione,1477-1511.Paintings.Selections.Galansino, Arturo,author,curator.Beamish, Caroline,translator.Rumberg, Per,1975-curator.Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain),host institution.Harry N. Abrams, Inc.,distributor.13917mimu32mybpkMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050860Pietro Volontemipboa7afeb8c-234f-4750-914e-2b5b5cd984f1a7afeb8c-234f-4750-914e-2b5b5cd984f1
04104cam a2200553 i 4500in00000000010151218s2016 nyu 000 0 eng 20210917115741.3 2015049286(OCoLC)ocn933446666DLCengrdaDLCYDXYDXCPBTCTABDXOCLCFUOKABGVP@9189946559781250061010 (hardback)1250061016 (hardback)9781466866720 (e-book)(OCoLC)933446666(OCoLC)918994655pccaw-----ma-----BP173.7.H3554 2016320.55/723SOC048000bisacshHamid, Shadi,1983-author.Islamic exceptionalism :how the struggle over Islam is reshaping the world /Shadi Hamid.First edition.New York, NY :St. Martin's Press,2016.xiii, 306 pages ;25 cmtexttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrier"From the founding of Islam in the seventh century, there had always been a dominant Muslim empire, or "caliphate." But in 1924, the Ottoman Caliphate was formally abolished. Since then, there has been an ongoing struggle to establish a legitimate political order in the Middle East. At the center of that struggle is the vexing problem of religion and its role in political life. In Islamic Exceptionalism, Brookings Institution scholar and acclaimed author Shadi Hamid offers a novel and provocative argument on how Islam is, in fact, "exceptional" in how it relates to politics, with profound implications for how we understand the future of the Middle East. With unprecedented access to Islamist activists and leaders across the region, Hamid argues for a new understanding of how Islam and Islamism shape politics - and how the practice of politics shapes Islam. Despite the hopes of the Arab Spring, ideological and religious polarization has actually worsened. Divides among citizens aren't just about power but are products of fundamental disagreements over the very nature and purpose of the modern nation state. Drawing on hundreds of hours of interviews across the region, Hamid examines different models of reckoning with the problem of religion and state, including the terrifying - and alarmingly successful - example of ISIS. Offering a panoramic and ambitious interpretation of the region's descent into violence, Islamic Exceptionalism is a vital contribution to our understanding of Islam's past and present, and its outsized, exceptional role in modern politics. We don't have to like it; but we have to understand it, because it will continue to be a force that shapes not just the region, but the West as well, in the coming decades"--Provided by publisher.To Take Joy in a Massacre -- Is Islam "Exceptional"? -- Islam's Reformation -- The Muslim Brotherhood: From Reform to Revolution -- The Turkish Model: Islamists Empowered -- Tunisia: Islamists Conceding Their Islamism -- ISIS: After the State Fails -- Islam, Liberalism, and the State: A Way Out?Includes bibliographical references and index.Islam and politics.Middle EastPolitics and government20th century.Middle EastPolitics and government21st century.Arab countriesPolitics and government20th century.Arab countriesPolitics and government21st century.SOCIAL SCIENCE / Islamic Studies.bisacshIslam and politics.fast(OCoLC)fst00979879Politics and government.fast(OCoLC)fst01919741Arab countries.fast(OCoLC)fst01240128Middle East.fast(OCoLC)fst012415861900-2099fast30001001571803HAMIDISLAMICUSD.oYBP 2016 JUN 2322.1312016-07-066994388ff674bf-49eb-459b-8982-1f93543defd58ff674bf-49eb-459b-8982-1f93543defd5Københavns UniversitetCity CampusDatalogisk InstitutMain LibraryholdingholdingholdingLC Modified
00821cam a22002293i 4500in00000000016151225s2015 xx 000 0 eng d20210917115741.697811389440461138944041(OCoLC)933449582(OCoLC)ocn933449582IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSMikhailov, Mikhail.Corpus linguistics for translation and contrastive studies :a guide for research.[Place of publication not identified] :Routledge,2015.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamedia13916mimu38mybpkMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050860Pietro Volontemipbod5af2f59-42e7-41bc-a317-96d35e7233ecd5af2f59-42e7-41bc-a317-96d35e7233ec
00728cam a22002173 4500in00000000013150213s2016 xx 000 0 eng d20210917115741.597814725905891472590589(OCoLC)903510516(OCoLC)ocn903510516IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSBloomsbury bauman reader.[Place of publication not identified] :Bloomsbury,2016.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamedia19793mimu20mybpkMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050860Pietro Volontemipbof78f5bcb-e767-462c-bd53-1b98b17fdd04f78f5bcb-e767-462c-bd53-1b98b17fdd04
06391pam a2200565 i 4500in00000000020151123s2016 enka b 001 0 eng 20210917115744.8 201504380692123938597811191272081119127203(hardback)(OCoLC)932116021(OCoLC)921239385(OCoLC)ocn932116021IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSpcca------f------HG3368.A6S343 2016332.10917/6723Schoon, Natalie,author.Modern Islamic banking :products, processes in practice /Natalie Schoon.Chichester, West Sussex :John Wiley & Son,2016.xx, 172 pages :illustrations ;25 cm.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierThe Wiley finance series"A complete, detailed guide to modern Islamic banking fundamentals Modern Islamic Bankingprovides a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute guide to the products, processes and legal doctrines underlying Islamic banking. Written by a pioneering practitioner in the field, this book provides thorough guidance and expert-level perspective on the principles and applications of this alternative-banking model. You'll begin by learning the fundamentals, vocabulary and key concepts of Islamic banking, then explore key products including istisna'a, murabaha, musharaka, ijara, sukuk, and salam. Coverage then moves into practical applications of Islamic products to a variety of contexts including asset management, treasury, risk management, venture capital, SME finance, micro-finance and taxation. Regulatory frameworks are discussed in detail, including extensive coverage of post-financial crisis Islamic bank valuation. Islamic banking has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, a trend that is set to continue given the sector's successful weathering of the financial crisis. This book brings you up to speed on this alternative way of banking, and shows you how it applies within your own current practices. Understand the principles of Islamic banking and finance Learn the products, vocabulary and key concepts of the field Consider the applications in a variety of financial contexts Explore the regulatory frameworks and valuation of Islamic banks Islamic banking practices differ from Western banking in fundamental ways -- it's these differences that shielded the sector during the global crisis, but they also require practitioners to understand a whole new set of rules, products and practices. Modern Islamic Banking gives you a solid understanding of the fundamentals and expert insight into modern practical applications"--Provided by publisher.Includes bibliographical references and index.Machine generated contents note: Acknowledgments About the Author Introduction Chapter 1: Historic Developments 1.1 The History of Finance 1.2 The History of Islamic Finance Chapter 2: Economic Principles 2.1 Early Economic Thought 2.2 The Prohibition of Interest 2.3 Modern Economics and Banking 2.4 Islamic Ethics 2.5 Contracts and Prohibitions 2.6 Sharia'a and Prohibitions Chapter 3: Islamic Finance Products Explained 3.1 Definitions 3.2 The Asset 3.3 Transaction Types 3.4 Bond-Like Instruments Chapter 4: Distribution of Islamic Products 4.1 Distribution Channels and Sharia'a Compliance 4.2 Sharia'a Compliant versus Sharia'a Based 4.3 Competition or Opportunity Chapter 5: Application of Islamic Products in Retail Finance 5.1 Current Accounts 5.2 Credit card 5.3 Deposit Accounts 5.4 Funds 5.5 Mortgage Products 5.6 Personal Loans 5.7 Transfers Chapter 6: Application of Islamic Products in Treasury 6.1 Interbank Liquidity 6.2 Hedging 6.3 Combination of Transaction Types 6.4 Asset-Based Securities 6.5 Syndication Chapter 7: Application of Islamic Products in Corporate Finance 7.1 Trade Finance 7.2 Project Finance 7.3 Property Finance 7.4 Leasing Chapter 8: The Application of Islamic Products to Private Equity Chapter 9: The Role of the London Metal Exchange 9.1 The London Metal Exchange 9.2 Warrants 9.3 LME Base Metals Chapter 10: Asset Management 10.1 Selection of Sharia'a compliant investments 10.2 Types of Funds Chapter 11: Risks in Islamic Banks Chapter 12: Governance 12.1 Roles 12.2 Social Responsibilities 12.3 Structures and variations of Sharia'a Supervisory Boards 12.4 Serving on Multiple Boards Chapter 13: The Islamic Financial Infrastructure 13.1 Regulatory Institutions 13.2 Socially Responsible Investments and Micro Finance 13.3 The Case for LIBOR Chapter 14: Capital Adequacy Concerns 14.1 Challenges Within the Basel Capital Adequacy Framework 14.2 IFSB Capital Adequacy Standards 14.3 Capital Adequacy for Islamic Banks around the World 14.4 Expected Future Developments in Capital Adequacy Chapter 15: How to Value a Bank 15.1 The Components 15.2 The Models 15.3 The Special Case of Banks 15.4 The Special Case of Islamic Banks 15.5 Can a Bank be Valued? Chapter 16: The Future Glossary Selected Bibliography Index.Banks and bankingIslamic countries.Banks and bankingReligious aspectsIslam.FinanceIslamic countries.FinanceReligious aspectsIslam.Banks and banking.fast(OCoLC)fst00826867Banks and bankingReligious aspectsIslam.fast(OCoLC)fst00826975Finance.fast(OCoLC)fst00924349FinanceReligious aspectsIslam.fast(OCoLC)fst00924411Islamic countries.fast(OCoLC)fst01244130Islamische Bank.(DE-588)4272560-4gndZins.(DE-588)4067845-3gndWirtschaftsethik.(DE-588)4066439-9gndZinsverbot.(DE-588)4140605-9gndKreditmarkt.(DE-588)4073788-3gndOnline version:Schoon, Natalie, author.Modern Islamic banking.Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Son, 20169781119127222(DLC) 2015049132Wiley finance series.17834mime33mybpkMILANOMI - Songia Eugeniomieso3050860Eugenio Songiamieso70d79c06-9249-4c03-a7c4-a983e11129f770d79c06-9249-4c03-a7c4-a983e11129f7
03861cam a2200553 i 4500in00000000023160104t20162016ilua bc 001 0 eng 20210917115744.9 201600018092682078892811282997803002147960300214790(hardback)(OCoLC)930798165(OCoLC)926820788(OCoLC)928112829(OCoLC)ocn930798165IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSpccN6822.5.M63A4 2016700.9223ART016030ART015100ART006000ART017000bisacshMoholy-Nagy :future present /Edited by Matthew S. Witkovsky, Carol S. Eliel, and Karole P. B. Vail ; With contributions by Julie Barten, Sylvie Pénichon, and Carol Stringari, Stephanie D'Alessandro, Carol S. Eliel, Jennifer King, Olivier Lugon, Elizabeth Siegel, Karole P.B. Vail, and Matthew S. Witkovsky.First edition.Chicago :Art Institute of Chicago ;2016.©2016.322 pages :illustrations (chiefly color) ;32 cmtexttxtrdacontentstill imagestirdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrier"Moholy-Nagy: Future Present is published in conjunction with an exhibition organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art."--Title page verso.Catalog of the exhibition at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, May 27-Sept. 7, 2016 , The Art Institute of Chicago, Oct. 2, 2016-Jan. 3, 2017, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Feb. 12-June 18, 2017."The pioneering artist László Moholy-Nagy (1894-1946) worked across a range of art forms including painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, film, advertising, and theater. This publication, which offers a fresh and extensive examination of his output, accompanies the first major American survey of Moholy's oeuvre in nearly a half century and represents the most extensive English-language book on the artist in thirty years. The catalogue reproduces a vast selection of Moholy's early paintings and photograms, his whimsical photomontages--all of which are reproduced together here for the first time--and late works in Plexiglas. Distinguished scholars offer new insights into his materials and working methods; the relation among writing, administration, and art making in his practice; and his influence on contemporary art. Particular emphasis is given to Moholy's American years and his leadership of the Chicago Bauhaus as well as his reception as a painter"--Provided by publisher.Includes bibliographical references and index.Moholy-Nagy, László,1895-1946Exhibitions.Moholy-Nagy, László,1895-1946.fast(OCoLC)fst00045897ART / Individual Artists / Monographs.bisacshART / History / Modern (late 19th Century to 1945).bisacshART / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / General.bisacshART / Mixed Media.bisacshExhibition catalogs.fast(OCoLC)fst01424028Witkovsky, Matthew S.,1967-editor.Eliel, Carol S.,1955-editor.Vail, Karole P. B.,editor.Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum,organizer,host institution.Art Institute of Chicago,organizer,host institution.Los Angeles County Museum of Art,organizer,host institution.15805mimu32mybpeMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050810Pietro Volontemipbo318f77cb-4b42-48b6-b543-f6965cf53f06318f77cb-4b42-48b6-b543-f6965cf53f06
01562cam a22004218i 4500in00000000026160125s2016 enk b 001 0 eng 20210917115746.2 201504906497817830954071783095407(hbk. ;alk. paper)9781783095391(pbk. ;alk. paper)1783095393(pbk. ;alk. paper)9781783095438(kindle)(OCoLC)933521684(OCoLC)ocn933521684IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSpccP118.2.R478 2016401/.9323Rethinking second language learning :using intergenerational community resources /edited by Marisa Cordella And Hui Huang.1605Bristol ;Buffalo :Multilingual Matters,[2016]pages cm.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierSecond Language Acquisition ;98Includes bibliographical references and index.Second language acquisitionResearch.Second language acquisitionStudy and teachingForeign speakers.Applied linguistics.Cordella, Marisa,editor.Huang, Hui(Linguist)editor.111745mimu38mybpkMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050860Pietro Volontemipbobdb7c316-7a0f-42a1-89ab-a0c32f84892fbdb7c316-7a0f-42a1-89ab-a0c32f84892f
01630cam a22004338i 4500in00000000021151116s2016 nyu b 001 0 eng 20210917115741.7 201504212297817853310151785331019(hardback ;alk. paper)9781785331022(ebook)(OCoLC)917355353(OCoLC)ocn917355353IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSpccJV6346.M49 2016305.9/0691423Migration by boat :discourses of trauma, exclusion and survival /edited by Lynda Mannik.1605New York :Berghahn Books,2016.pages cm.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierStudies in forced migration ;volume 35Includes bibliographical references and index.Boat people.Refugees.Emigration and immigrationSocial aspects.Boat people.fast(OCoLC)fst01747540Emigration and immigrationSocial aspects.fast(OCoLC)fst00908722Refugees.fast(OCoLC)fst01092797Mannik, Lynda,1957-editor.Online version:Migration by boat.New York : Berghahn Books, 20169781785331022(DLC) 201504525219824mimu20mybpeMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050810Pietro Volontemipbob6941bc5-42be-4f83-9813-d1ee440e6724b6941bc5-42be-4f83-9813-d1ee440e6724
01996pam a2200481 i 4500in00000000022160205s2016 enk b 001 0 eng 20210917115744.9 201504678693180275497811386425601138642568hardback9781315628677e-book(OCoLC)935192075(OCoLC)931802754(OCoLC)ocn935192075IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSpcce-it---JV8133.C38 2016325.4523Castelli Gattinara, Pietro,author.The politics of migration in Italy :perspectives on local debates and party competition /Pietro Castelli Gattinara.Abingdon, Oxon ;New York, NY :Routledge,2016.xvi, 214 pages ;24 cm.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierRoutledge research in extremism and democracy ;33Includes bibliographical references and index.ItalyEmigration and immigrationPolitical aspects.ItalyEmigration and immigrationGovernment policy.Local governmentItaly.Political campaignsItaly.Emigration and immigrationGovernment policy.fast(OCoLC)fst00908700Emigration and immigrationPolitical aspects.fast(OCoLC)fst00908710Local government.fast(OCoLC)fst01001300Political campaigns.fast(OCoLC)fst01069212Italy.fast(OCoLC)fst01204565Routledge studies in extremism and democracy.Routledge research in extremism and democracy ;33.111751mimu20mybpkMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050860Pietro Volontemipbo38c6b37a-71f6-4ca8-b161-235210cdde1038c6b37a-71f6-4ca8-b161-235210cdde10
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01195nam a2200313zi 4500in00000000017160511s2015 dk a a 000 0 eng d20210917115741.697887928774378792877435hardcover(OCoLC)949369648(OCoLC)ocn949369648IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSengdanNE2047.6.F74A4 2015769.9223Lucian Freud, a closer look :works from the UBS art collection /edited by Michael Jull Holm, Andeers Kold and Stephen McCoubrey ; translations from the Danish by James Manley.[Humlebæk, Denmark] :Louisiana Museum of Modern Art ,[2015]110 pages ;25 cmtexttxtrdacontentstill imagestirdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierFreud, LucianExhibitions.Holm, Michael Juul,editor.13126mimu18mybpeMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050810Pietro Volontemipbodc8cf29f-3a99-4ad1-8ab6-6e97219d2417dc8cf29f-3a99-4ad1-8ab6-6e97219d2417
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01397cam a22003498a 4500in00000000025070404s2007 enk b 001 0 eng 20210917115746.197801944225810194422585(pbk.)(OCoLC)123374254(OCoLC)ocn123374254IT-MiUCSitaIT-MiUCSP129.D67 2007418.007222Dörnyei, Zoltán.Research methods in applied linguistics /Zoltan Dörnyei.Oxford :Oxford University Press,2007.200707pages cm.texttxtrdacontentunmediatednrdamediavolumencrdacarrierOxford applied linguisticsThis is a comprehensive overview of research methodology in applied linguistics which describes the various stages of qualitative and quantitative investigations, from collecting the data to reporting the results.Includes bibliographical references (pages 317-328) and index.Applied linguisticsResearchMethodology.Oxford applied linguistics.14048mimu38mybpkMILANOMI - Bottecchia Paolamipbo3050860Amanda Clare Murphymipbobba5ff72-46c7-4b88-b258-110e29196894bba5ff72-46c7-4b88-b258-110e29196894
04302cam a2200553 i 4500in00000000031m o d cr cnu---unuuu191228t20202020nju ob 001 0 eng d20210917194539.3(OCoLC)on1134073791mig00005166603EBLCPengrdapnEBLCPN$TOCLCOYDXOCLCFOCLCAUKAHLYDXITOCLCQTXM1133277912114843064511552133389781119501077(electronic book)1119501075(electronic book)97811195010601119501067(OCoLC)1134073791(OCoLC)1133277912(OCoLC)1148430645(OCoLC)1155213338RC480.6.A28 2020616.89/02523TXMMAcute psychiatric emergencies :a practical approach /edited by Kevin Mackway-Jones.Hoboken, NJ :John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,2020.©20201 online resourcetexttxtrdacontentcomputercrdamediaonline resourcecrrdacarrierAdvanced life support seriesIncludes bibliographical references and index.Structured approach to acute psychiatric emergencies -- Primary Unified Assessment and immediate psychiatric management -- Secondary physical and psychosocial assessment -- The patient who has harmed themselves -- The "apparently drunk" patient -- The patient behaving strangely -- The patient with acute confusion -- The aggressive patient -- Legal aspects of emergency psychiatry -- Human factors -- The patient experience."Acute Psychiatric Emergencies is designed for all medical and healthcare professionals working within mental health. This manual is a key component of the Acute Psychiatric Medical Emergencies (APEx) training by the ALSG -- the blended-learning course developed and structured by leading psychiatry and emergency medicine specialists with years of practical experience. This valuable resource provides a practical approach for dealing with psychiatric emergencies and helps healthcare professionals develop a common language and shared understanding that expedites excellent care. Chapters cover unified assessment and immediate treatment, conversational psychosocial history taking, mental state assessment, the legal aspects of emergency liaison psychiatry and more. Filling a gap in emergency care knowledge, Acute Psychiatric Emergencies: "Presents a structured, practical approach for the emergency care of patients presenting with acute psychiatric crisis Covers the most common presentations of psychiatric emergencies such as aggression, strange behaviour, overdose and poisoning Emphasises the close cooperation of emergency and mental health teams Offers content designed jointly by practicing psychiatrists and emergency doctors from the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) Includes colour illustrations, charts and tables, learning outcomes, chapter introductions and summaries Acute Psychiatric Emergencies is required reading for anyone involved in APEx training, as well as trainees in emergency medicine, psychiatry, nursing and other mental health and crisis care professionals"--Provided by publisherOnline resource; title from digital title page (viewed on April 08, 2020).Psychiatric emergencies.Crisis intervention (Mental health services)Crisis intervention (Mental health services)fast(OCoLC)fst00883612Psychiatric emergencies.fast(OCoLC)fst01081005Mackway-Jones, Kevin,editor.Advanced Life Support Group (Manchester, England),issuing body.Print version:(ALSG), Advanced Life Support Group.Acute Psychiatric Emergencies.Newark : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, ©20209781119501060Advanced life support series.CONNECThttps://ezproxy.mtsu.edu/login?url=http://www.r2library.com/Resource/Title/1119501067R2 Digital LibrarywizOWNEDho0mig00005166603C0TXMc7f8b6a1-e8bc-4377-be82-baeedba148e8c7f8b6a1-e8bc-4377-be82-baeedba148e8