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      Define: Search requirements
      Search fields, term structure (word/phrase), boolean operations

      Z39.50 searches should yield the same results as an inventory search, less the records that are suppressed from discovery, i.e. less the staff-only records.

      Search fields
      Support at minimum the following searches:

      Use attr. name Use attr. no. Note
      Any 1016 rRequired for Bath Profile level 0
      Author 1003 Required for Bath Profile level 0
      Title 4 Required for Bath Profile level 0
      Subject 21 Required for Bath Profile level 0
      ISBN 7 From Kuali OLE requirements, and found in logs
      ISSN 8 From Kuali OLE requirements, and found in logs
      OCLC 1211 non-standard
      From Kuali OLE requirements, and found in logs
      Bib no./ID 12 Local number
      From Kuali OLE requirements, and found in logs

      Boolean operations
      Z39.50 server should execute searches with boolean AND, OR, and NOT.

      Search log findings
      Analysis based on UChicago production metaproxy logs, 1 March to 2 April.

      Logs in this period showed 235,282 incoming Z39.50 requests, and used these Use attributes:

      USE attribute count Notes
      title 135,927  
      isbn 77,424  
      author 33,648  
      oclc 6,880  
      barcode 1,086  
      subject 236  
      date 95  
      issn 95  
      id 46  
      publisher 41  

      Search terms appear in both Roman and non-Roman scripts, e.g. Hebrew.

      Searches are structured in a variety of ways: terms without explicit attributes, single search attributes, Boolean search structures all appear, though @and is by far the most common. Even several words with explicit @and booleans, anecdotally I’ve seen as many as seven @ands in a single RPN query.

      Boolean No. of searches containing Notes
      @and 46,406  
      @or 5,523  
      @not 6  

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