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To Create a Course Record



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      Purpose: To begin work on Courses in FOLIO. Search and filter will be covered in separate stories.
      As course reserve staff member I want to be able to create, edit, copy and delete a course record that is not cross-listed



      1. Scenario
        • Given the Course App is clicked
        • When displayed
        • Then the two pane view of search & filter and courses column view appears
      2. Scenario
        • Given the two pane view of search & filter and courses column
        • When displayed
        • Then the “+new” button would appear in the right hand side of the upper conner
      3. Scenario
        • Given the “+new” button is clicked
        • Then a “create course reserves” screen appears
        • The frame of the screen should include X to exit the screen on the left hand side of the screen
        • “Save & Close” button on the right hand side of the screen
        • The label of the first section of the screen should read “Course Data”
        • There is a carrot to the left of Course Data that would open and collapse the section.
        • The data elements are listed below:
          • Course Name (* to indicate required),
          • Department (* to indicate required),
          • Course Code/Number (* to indicate required),
          • Section
          • Enrollment
          • Registrar ID
          • External ID
          • If the course is cross listed there should be subheading that reads "Cross Listed course" and a text box that is labeld "Cross Linked #. This box can be left blank and there would be a "+add cross listed course" button displayed - if not left blank then a minimum of one Cross listed course cards would open with all the same fields as above except for external id and Enrollment number. THe user can add as many cross listed course as necessary
          • Out of Scope Currently:
            • Autofill based on selection of External ID radio button
            • Autofill based on selection of Registrar ID radio button
          • An “add cross listed courses” button would appear
          • Taught by section with a enter button under the the type box should be a user lookup icon
            • the user should be able to select as many instructors needed within the modal and conduct a few searched if need be
          • The ghosted text in the box should read “enter user name of barcode”
            • Once the user has been selected then:
              • Name
              • Barcode
              • Patron group should appear
              • To the right of the name should be a trash icon to delete.
      1. Scenario
        • Given the form is filled in
        • When all the required fields are filled in
        • Then an user navigates away from the screen then a save or continue editing pop up should appear
        • The default should be on save
        • If the continue editing button is clicked close the pop up and redisplay the create course form
        • If the save button is clicked then the course should be saved and closed.
      2. Senario
        • Given the the form is filled in
        • When all the required fields are filled in
        • The user clicks on Save & Close

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