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Bounced email report for patron notices



    • EBSCO hosting configured their libraries email service (AWS SES) to notify select staff via email for each bounced email
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      Errors, such as bounces, may occur in sending emails. These errors occur if there is an invalid address, the email server no longer exists or is temporarily unavailable, misspelled domain names, etc.. The invalid addresses might happen for a couple of reasons, such as the user closed their email account or the email address was incorrectly imported, migrated or entered for a user. Additionally, email services typically capture if a user has reported an email as spam, so libraries might be interested in these statistics as well in order to improve notification services to patrons. These errors happen outside of the FOLIO system. Most implementers are using a third party service, such as AWS SES, and these email services capture these errors.

      Knowing which user records don't have an email address would also be useful as a proactive measure to prevent errors in sending.

      Implementation Thoughts:

      • Bounced emails are already captured and logged by third party email services
      • Email services typically expose bounced email data via an API endpoint
      • Presumably, each email service would (or could) structure the data differently and provide it in different formats
      • FOLIO could import the data; however, if it is done this way, then there needs to be a way to map the data to the FOLIO report
      • Additionally, a user record should be flagged that a notice was sent and bounced
      • For GDPR, logs with patron information will need to be cleared every 90 days or when set to do so

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