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    • Bulk Edit - batch changes to lists of records (inventory, users, requests, budgets, etc)
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      User should be able to identify records for bulk edit based on a list of submitted identifiers or a query and have ability to change one or more properties for each record in a list of records to a given value (add new data, remove existing data, change existing data)

      Before the changes are committed, user should be able to review them, confirm them and commit them. If an error occurs during the bulk edit, user is notified about it and the logs are available for the user so that the errors can be addressed in the future

      The bulk edit functionality should support expert users who are familiar with FOLIO data structure and are aware of the impact of the bulk edit operation (CSV approach) but also need to provide a way to a limited impact bulk edit that could be done by less technically savy users (in-app approach)

      The planned functional areas for bulk edit include:

      • Circulation (requests, loans)
      • Users (permissions, user records)
      • Acquisition (orders, finances)
      • ERM (agreements, licenses)
      • SRS (bib records, holdings, authority)
      • Courses
      • Tags (can be a part of each functional area)

      Out of scope
      Bulk adding of new records

      Additional information:

      1. Use cases at https://wiki.folio.org/display/BULKEDIT/Bulk+Edit+Use+Cases
      2. High level roadmap: https://wiki.folio.org/display/BULKEDIT/High+Level+Roadmap+for+Bulk+Edit+App
      3. Mockups:

      TestRail: Results


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