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    • Bulk Edit - batch changes to lists of records (inventory, users, requests, budgets, etc)
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      Ability to change one or more properties for each record in a list of records (e.g. Users, Items, Instances, Courses, Requests?, Funds?, Ledgers?, Budgets? etc) to a given value.

      See partial list of use cases at https://wiki.folio.org/display/BULKEDIT/Bulk+Edit+Use+Cases

      Question: Would the bulk edit function be in each individual app (e.g. User, Order, Inventory), or would it be a separate app? Maybe easier in the individual apps. Need a way to be able to identify a batch of records to update, the field/data to be updated, and then specify the exact update.

      Need to be able to act on a group of records based on 1) a search/filter in FOLIO (in 1 app or potentially across apps) and 2) a group of record IDs or string of searches, e.g. scanning all the barcodes for a group of books on a book-truck, or an excel file of the UUIDs of a group of users whose records need to be bulk edited

      Make sure the scope of bulk edit also includes delete

      Question: Would this be used for bulk edits of MARC records (or other source records)?

      No. Current thinking is that Bulk edit feature for FOLIO lists (this epic) would be used to operate on Inventory records that don’t have associated source records (primarily Items and sometimes Holdings). We’d then need another method (or methods) for bulk editing descriptive records that do have associated source records. For that, users could leverage Export (UXPROD-652), bulk edit records in an external tools such as MARCedit, then re-import using Batch Importer (UXPROD-47). Alternatively, bulk edit functionality could be added to MARCcat (this is not currently listed as a feature in the MARCcat epic (UXPROD-786), but I understand it is something WeCat supports so presumably it could be added). Note, though, that even if an Instance record is related to a source record and thus deriving its bibliographic information from the source record, we would still need to be able to batch update the Instance Record. Any global update feature should allow us to update the administrative metadata about the instance and that is never derived from the source record (e.g., Instance Status, Suppressed from Discovery flag, Statistical codes, tags, etc.).

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