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Loans list: Display effective call number and related fields



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      Call number displays on the Loans page and, when discussing whether/how to sort this column, the SIG expressed the desire to have this reflect a "normalized call number" which should have some logical sort capabilities. Understanding and implementing this feature will require coordination with lauraw, MM SIG convener.

      From the parking lot:
      "Need a normalized call number stored and used for sorting on Loans page. We are currently displaying a concatenated call number on the Loans page to save on real-estate. But sorting by this concatenated string isn't going to work. FOLIO needs to store a "normalized"call # and use that for sorting on Loans and elsewhere. From experience, this data really needs to be stored as opposed to generated on-the-fly."

      Impact of feature (for estimation purposes)
      Call number displays in the following places, and will need to be expanded to show prefix, body, suffix, and enumeration/chronology information using the item's effective call number.

      • Check In
      • Check Out
      • Users
        • Loan history (open, closed)
        • Loan details
        • Change due date modal
        • Renewal success/failure/override modals
          Call number is included in the following exports, and will need to expanded to export prefix, body, suffix, and enumeration/chronology information as separate fields, again using the item's effective call number.
      • Export overdue loans
      • Export user's open loans

      Completed in Q1 2020: displaying effective call number prefix, call number, and call number suffix in loans, loans exports and in Check In. Displaying enum/chron/volume on loans and loans exports

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