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Circ Rules and Loan Policies



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    • Circ Rules and Loan Policies
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      • Loan policies - Invoked at checkout and renewal to govern due dates, renewal limits, grace periods etc
        • Remaining work:
        • Need to continue to write stories to “wire up” loan policy settings so they control the due dates of loan transactions. This is an iterative process and, though many stories have bee written, there are many more that need to be. See FOLIO-1100 and FOLIO-1101 for the stories that have been written so far (they are linked in).
        • Many of the loan policy outcomes will result in prevented checkouts and renewals (because limits have been reached, due dates can’t be calculated etc). These will necessitate the ability to “override” the system and allow FOLIO users to manually enter a due date. Stories for these overrides have not been written and there will be several. We will also need to write stories for the permissions needed to allow override functionality.
      • Loan rules - Define which loan policy should be invoked when a given patron tries to check out a given item
        • We have only scratched the surface on its implementation and testing. We still need to:
          • Integrate loan rules with the location model. Users need to be able to create loan rules and associate them with locations AND also with different levels of the location hierarchy (so you could have a rule that applies to an entire campus, or to a location detail/parking property). Loan rules applied at one level of the hierarchy need to “inherit down” to lower levels unless superseded by another rule.
          • Test loan rules to make sure that, if you have several different loan rules, the correct policy is being invoked when an item is checked out.
          • Test it for usability. Filip's design has many features which haven't yet been implemented.
            To understand which need to be prioritized next, we need to do some basic testing (probably starting with a PO or manual tester and going from there to usability testing and UAT by SMEs).

      Loan rules UX iteration 4 on Discuss: https://discuss.folio.org/t/loan-rules-ux-iteration-4/834

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