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Rollover Encumbrances into the next Fiscal Year



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      Overview: In order to start the next fiscal year the user must be able to transfer or close outstanding encumbrances for orders that have not yet been resolved. This is generally done based on order type.

      Use cases:

      • Library has ongoing orders that must be re-encumbered in the upcoming fiscal year. The library will want to encumber money next year based on what was spent in the current year and potentially increase it by a specific percentage.
      • Library has ongoing orders that must be re-encumbered in the upcoming fiscal year. The library will want to encumber money differently for continuations that for subscription orders. Increasing them by different percentages.
      • Library has one-time orders that could not be close and must be re-encumbered in the upcoming fiscal year. The method of encumbrance may differ from that of on-going orders. For one-time orders the library would rollover remaining encumbrances.
      • Library will want to release all remaining encumbrances in the fiscal year that is being closed? no they will not according to small group

      High-Level Requirements:

      • Create new encumbrances for the coming fiscal year without affecting monies that have already been expended against the current encumbrance
      • Update encumbrance values according to rollover settings for order type
      • Track the amount expended against this encumbrance so next years encumbered value can be based on the amount spent in the previous year
      • Preserve the current encumbrance value if there is any remaining at rollover
      • Note the FY currency could be different from one FY to the next? This will be considered under a separate feature
      • Note the exchange rate may need to be applied to obtain the value of the encumbrance for the next fiscal year if the order was in a foreign currency.
      • Ability to run a rollover "preview" that will tell the user what they should fix before rollover to avoid errors This is a substantial feature that should be implemented separately

      Design: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1OGnJNiNVgm6c6qifjDf-ZXnAhlv54JTV

      Back-end Design : https://wiki.folio.org/display/DD/Fiscal+year+rollover

      Session 1
      Session 2
      Session 3 (Q&A)
      Session 4 (FY discussion)
      Session 5 (model, schema, storage api)
      Session 6 (Q&A)

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