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Pay lost item fee/fine with replacement copy



    • Holly: If a patron brings in a replacement copy, the fee/fine could be waived with a Waive Release of "Patron gave replacement copy." This functionality already exists.
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      We just changed our minds about how this will be handled.
      We just changed our minds about how this will be handled.
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      1. If patron says they will replace the item, leave status as "Declared lost" or "Aged to lost" until the replacement copy is received.
      2. If the Item status is "Claimed returned", the item cannot be replaced.
      3. Add an ellipsis option named Replace item on "Loan History" page (see attached draft mock-up Replacement-loan-history.jpg).
      4. Add button named Replace item on "Loan Details" page (see attached draft mock-up Replacement-loan-details.jpg).
      5. The Replace item option will only be active if Item status is currently "Declared lost" or "Aged to lost".
      6. When an acceptable replacement copy is received from patron, the library staff member will open the "Replace Lost Item" modal (see attached draft mock-up Replacement-modal.jpg). Additional information for staff is a required field.
      7. After Confirm button is pressed (see attached draft mock-up Replacement-modal-confirmation.jpg) on the "Replace lost item confirmation" modal, system will automatically -
        • Cancel Lost item fee/Lost item fee (actual cost)
        • Cancel Lost item processing fee (if applicable)
        • Bill Replacement processing fee (if applicable)
        • Set Payment status to "Replaced"
        • Set Item status to "Lost and replaced"
        • If a "Replacement processing fee" is billed to the patron, write a record to the circ log <-- Newly added!
        • Close loan to patron
      8. Only certain people are able to approve an item as a replacement--often sent to the selector. This will require a special permission.
      9. Send notice (need to talk to JulieBickle_LMU about this).

      Attached zipped folder Lost Item Replacement-OLD INFO.zip contains the original mock-ups and requirements for this feature. The attached screen mock-ups and the requirements in the Description above have replaced the old original info.

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