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Ability to "process" invoice



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      Purpose: Users need the ability to close an invoice and have the system generate the appropirate payments against the desired Funds.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Move invoice from open to reviewed (User must click a button)
        • Will need a way for invoices to skip the reviewed step for some institutions or specific workflows involving third party systems
      • Move invoice from reviewed to approved (User must click a button)
        • Generate Voucher based on invoice
        • Once approved the invoice information can not be updated by a user (Outside of marking as paid or canceled)
      • Move invoice from approved to paid (User must click a button, or system updates status)
        • Voucher is marked as paid
        • All associated POLs are marked as "Fully paid" (See next bullet for exception)
        • Subtract amount encumbered by the the Invoice line total however the resulting value can not be negative (will be handled by separate feature)
        • Allow user to select "Do not release encumbrances" for each invoice line (For ongoing orders this will be reversed)
          • If checked POL payment status will not be updated to "Fully Paid"
          • any remaining encumbered value will not be released (will still be unavailable).(will be handled by separate feature)

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