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GOBI API integration for creating Purchase Orders



    • Small < 3 days
    • Very Small (VS) < 1day
    • Low
    • Large < 10 days
    • Still in early stages of analysis. Not sure if we will receive XML or JSON etc.
    • EBSCO - FSE
    • R4
    • R2
    • R2
    • R2
    • R4
    • R5
    • R4
    • R1


      Purpose: Allow for the ordering of materials from GOBI via API integration. Create an order in the GOBI system and have it populate into FOLIO orders automatically.High-Level Requirements:Receive authentication key from GOBI and match it with the key the user has added to GOBI authentication key in FOLIO.Map fields for incoming data in order to create orders with the details sent from GOBI

      Response time expectations:
      Response timeout is set to 100 seconds.

      As far as an SLA is concerned, other ILS systems usually respond between 3 and 5 seconds, with some outliers near 30 seconds.

      Appropriate SLA for Folio to meet is probably 95% of responses within 5 seconds and no requests exceeding 30 seconds.

      Not responding to the API ties up the thread and can hold other orders in a queue.  If you expect Folio to be more popular than Alma or OLE, then meeting or exceeding this SLA would be needed to handle the volume without causing too much customer delay.

      *Note: when I say customer delay, I am talking about fulfilling their order, there is no actual customer at a UI waiting for this response, otherwise we would be asking for sub-second responses.

      *Also Note: At 100 seconds, our call fails (Timeouts), and the order is placed back into the queue for a retry (Up to 10 times) before it gives up.  So if your application does not process the order within 100 seconds, you can expect to see it again.  This can cause problems with duplicate orders unless you fail your own thread and rollback the order if you cannot respond within 100 seconds.  This is what OLE does.

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