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Metadata Record Export



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    • Record export for Inventory instance & holdings & items, MARCcat Bib, MARC Holdings, & Authority
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      The metadata export is an important part of the library management system as the exported metadata is used not only for editing/cleaning records but also for integration with external systems. The purpose of this epic is to cover FOLIO exporting functionality of inventory records (instances, holdings and items) and underlying MARC records if those are available.

      The user of the system should be able to export all inventory data or selected records based on a different search criteria. The search criteria should allow for identifying records based on administrative data (cataloged date, created date, etc), inventory records (instance, holdings, items) or MARC fields

      The exported records should include bibliographical records (FOLIO instance record and/or MARC bib record), holding records (FOLIO and/or MARC) and holding records with Items. It should also be possible to export bibliographic records with holdings and items data.

      The supported format of the export should support most commonly used formats, like MARC, MARC-JSON, delimited files, PICA+, MARC XML, PICA XML

      It should be possible export records on as needed basis but also have them scheduled for re-occurring tasks.

      Exported files should be stored in a determined/configured location for a specific or configurable period of time.

      Access to the export functionality and exported files should be permission based.

      The order of the implemented functionality will be determined by SME.
      At this point FOLIO doesn't have functionality for storing authority records so for now Authority records are out of scope for this epic.

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