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Set Term and status for a Course



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      Library staff associate terms, with their start and end dates,to a course for the following reasons:
      So that they, and library patrons can know if a course is pending (set to occur in the future), active (occurring now), or inactive (having occurred in the past)
      In order to find, run reports and export results for courses that are pending, active, or inactive.
      In order to find, run reports and export results for courses by date
      In order that items added to a course, by default, can inherit the Course “Start” and “End” date values into the Item “Start” and “End” date fields respectively.

      (There is no explicit “state” field (“pending”, “active”, “past”) associated with a term: instead, the current state of a term can be determined when needed based on the current date, and “state” searching can be implemented as a date search based on the current date.)

      This section includes a “Select term” box, that is prepopulated with Terms (configured in the Course Reserves Settings) and their associated “Start date” and “End date” fields.

      Having selected the correct term in the “Term” box, users can edit the prefigured start and end dates prior to selecting the enter button.

      Users with appropriate permissions may change the Term, start and end dates in Settings.
      If a user does change the Term, start or end dates after a course is created the term, start and end date of every item associated with the course will update to the new term dates, regardless of whether or not the item start and end dates had been modified from the existing term dates. When changing the Term, start or end dates the user is warned that “Changing the Term, Start or End dates of a Course will change the Term, Start or End date of all associated items.”

      The Active status is a checkbox

      _-------2018 Course Reserves -----

      The scheduling of a course in FOLIO

      There needs to be a drop down to assign a controlled vocab ( summer, winter, fall, spring, or Q1, Q2 etc) Term. Those terms like the Fix date loan rule have an assigned lengh of time associated with them that was pre-entered.

      Then if the admin needs to change the dates they also have the ability to override the dates

      see po created mock up: https://wiki.folio.org/x/L4Xc

      The future date should have the status of Pending
      The Active falls on and between the course/term start and finish date
      The past dates should have the status of Inactive

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