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      Create a new Course Record, Edit a course, and Delete a course one at a time.

      Library staff need the ability to create,edit and delete a descriptive listing of the Course information. The Course information contains sections of information that allow users, both in FOLIO and in linked systems to correctly discover the Course, and thereby see the list of associated items.

      The Course record should contain the following accordion sections with related descriptive fields, allow for the addition, editing and/or deleting of selected elements and include accordion functionality. expanding and contracting each section: (see also mockup with additional notes)
      FOLIO ID (unique identifier that is system created after the record is saved the first time) [not represented correctly in mockups]
      Course data (required) After creating the first course data record, users can create another course data set auto filled with information from the existing course data)

      • Course Name*
      • Department (Controlled vocabulary / Authorized value list - set in settings manage
      • Section
      • Course code/Number*

      Cross listing information (data that may be shared by several Courses)

      • Course Type % (Controlled vocabulary / Authorized value list - set in settings manager) The purpose of this field is to contain values such as “online”, “online/in person”, “in person”
      • Register ID (interoperability) % This is the registrar systems’s course unique course number. Also used for matching student data (copyright management), especially streaming video
      • External ID (interoperability) % used for connection to LMS. Need this field name to be generic so that it may be used by other systems and uses.
        Could function as link to the page on the external system
        Option to add additional ID fields with description and link mechanismCross listed course link
        Used to indicate when the same course content has a different name, code, section and department

      ------ 2018 Course Reserve ------

      PO- Mock Ups located https://wiki.folio.org/x/L4Xc
      A course record should include the following:

      Course Data :

      Course Name
      Register ID
      Course Ware ID

      Y/N indicator for if the course is cross listed and if so all the fields above should be repeated as many times as needed (see mock up)

      Should have a taught by section that allows the user to look up users and allow for more than one user listed.

      A Folio Supplied ID number after saved.


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