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To-Do App for task management



    • To-Do App, Issue Tracker & workflow orchestration
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      The To-do works in collaboration with the Workflows app, to expose and manage tasks and sequences of tasks in the system. It allows you to receive tasks based on any number of triggers – e.g. requests from forms, new resources arriving at the library, system failures needing review etc.

      Together with custom fields, the to-do app can take the place of what has traditionally been called an "issue tracker", where a problem or request is reported by one party and analyzed, then solved or fulfilled by another or multiple other parties. For this to be meaningful in To-do, and effecient, each type of "issue" would have an associated workflow that it would move through; some workflows might be simple and have few steps. Others might be complex and have many steps and conditional branches.

      The Sys Ops SIG has also made a proposal for a Lightweight Issue Tracker in FOLIO (see linked UXPROD-849). This concept and its underlying requirements should be reviewed as part of the detailed definition of the To-Do App for Task Management.

      Latest video explaining the To Do app concept (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE LATEST VERSION OF THE CONCEPT - NEW VIDEO COMING SOON): https://vimeo.com/220236388

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