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Support licence amendments/addenda



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      Licenses can be amended, often done to indicate changes of content or to specify new/different terms to those specified in the original license. Amendments may apply to all resources covered by the original license, or to a subset of resources.

      This feature is to support the addition of Amendments to existing licenses. These amendments can have documents attached which describe the amendment, and terms that are derived from the document. Amendments can have their own start/end dates and statuses independently from the license they amend.

      Also note that each amendment can optionally apply to any Agreements linked to the license. While linking licenses to Agreements is not in the scope of this feature, the requirements for the indicating the status of amendments in relation to a linked agreement may be of some consideration when developing this feature

      Amendments share most of the properties of licenses, so plan is to

      • Abstract from licenses and amendments all shared properties
      • Still have licenses and “amending license”
      • Amending licenses have to be attached to a license
      • Licenses can apply to agreements, and amending licenses can apply to agreements only where the license they amend is already applied to the agreement

      Licenses vs Amendments

      Property License Amendment
      Type Yes No
      Status Yes Yes
      End date semantics Yes Yes
      Name Yes Yes
      Description Yes Yes
      Start date Yes Yes
      End date Yes Yes
      Orgs Yes No
      Tags Yes Yes
      Docs Yes Yes
      Supplementary docs Yes Yes

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