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Discovery and/or creation of Eresources



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    • Discovery and/or creation of Eresources
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      At the heart of the ERM are the eresources that are to be managed by the library. In many cases the eresources that the library wishes to manage are described by an external information source (e.g. GoKB or EPKB).

      However, it cannot be guaranteed that all resources the library wishes to manage are described in an external source they can access. In some cases (e.g. EPKB) the external system may allow the creation of new resources by a user to cover such gaps, but in other cases this may not be possible. Therefore as well as being able to discover resources described in external systems, it is also a requirement that users can create representations of eresources within Folio.

      This Epic represents the requirement for users to be able to navigate lists of resources from external sources, or create new eresources from within Folio, and add them to agreements within the ERM application.

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