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Claim returned: track searches



    • Get list of claim returned items & handle all resolution by looking each loan up individually.
    • Large < 10 days
    • Small < 3 days
    • Large < 10 days
    • BE: We need a new API for increments, standard config service can be used to store max number of increments.
    • Vega
    • 3
    • 100
    • R1
    • R5
    • R1
    • R2
    • R1
    • R4
    • R4
    • R2
    • R1
    • R1
    • R1
    • R2
    • R1
    • R4
    • R1
    • R4


      Current situation or problem
      When a patron claims they have returned an item, staff respond by searching for the item. After a certain number of searches, staff give up on searching for the item and decide whether or not to bill the patron. While it is possible to track this via pen and paper or systems external to FOLIO, including it in FOLIO would enhance communication between different library locations/service points, and also allow it to serve as a trigger for automated notices.

      In scope

      • Create field on loan for number of times searched.
      • When an item is claimed returned, allow users to increment number of searches. Reflect this action in loan details action history.
      • Allow tenant to configure max number of searches per service point, and when max number of searches is reached, prevent them from incrementing searches.
      • require permission for adding search
      • Track "add search" action in the circulation log

      Out of scope

      • Does not include claimed returned notices.
      • UXPROD-532 (this feature) previously included a way to view all claimed returned items without drilling down to loan details for each, but that functionality has been split into UXPROD-2716.

      Use case(s)

      Proposed solution/stories

      • create new circ action, similar to change due date or other actions, and allow users to access that action from loan details and a user's open loans.

      Links to additional info

      • Split from UXPROD-2716 based on conversation at RA SIG meeting on 10/1/2020.


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