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Authority API Moving



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      Current situation or problem:

      1. Data integrity: Centralized storage for authority data should remove possible inconsistencies between microservices.
      2. Maintainability: Implementation of features related to handling and managing authorities should not require overhead on crosschecking between mod-inventory-storage and mod-entities-links.
      3. Performance: Removal of HTTP requests and Kafka interaction overhead should improve the performance of linking and import.

      In scope

      1. Rename mod-entities-links to mod-authority-manager.
      2. Fully move Authority APIAuthority Note Types API, and Authority Source Files API from mod-inventory-storage to mod-authority-manager. This API provides just CRUD operations and does not have any business logic.
      3. Move authority reindex API.
      4. Adjust mod-authority-manager to use an internal database instead of interacting with mod-inventory-storage and mod-search.
      5. Disable the above APIs in mod-inventory-storage and remove APIs implementation and enable it in mod-authority-manager. The dependent UI and BE modules will not experience any differences.
      6. Create a migration script for existing authorities.

      Out of scope

      1. Consume data-import authority events to increase the performance of authority data-import flow. (8 SPs)
      2. Simplify authority stats generating
      3. Move mapping rules

      Links to additional info

      Authority API Moving - Folio Development Teams - FOLIO Wiki

      TestRail: Results


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