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Addition of Flags to Quickly Identify Requests and POLs Connected to Instance/holdings/items



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      Problem Statement:

      Currently, it is very difficult to determine if a POL is attached to an instance, its connected holdings, and/or connected items. For the instance, the user has to scroll all the way to the bottom to find this information. For the holdings and items, the user has to open those records and then scroll down to the bottom as well. Because we have the ability to move items or holdings and items, it happens that people move this without realizing there are connected POLs. This disrupts the connection between the order and the holdings and/or items.

      Also, if an item is on order, it is very difficult to know from the instance, holdings, or item if that item has an associated request. The user has to go to the POL where hopefully there is a note about the patron that has requested that item.

      Also, FOLIO Inventory is used by many different types of users: catalogers, students working at circ desks, acqusitions, ERM folks, discovery folks, etc. We need a better way to alert these different groups as to how the instance, holdings, and item records in Inventory are connected to other Apps such as Orders and Requests.

      Add Feature Discussed in Metadata Management SIG:

      In MM SIG, we discussed that the presence of flags would help users quickly identify these connections. We already use flags to quickly identify suppression from discovery and bound-withs. We would like to propose flags for the following:

      title level requests

      item level requests

      connected POL at the instance

      connected POL at the holdings

      connected POL at the item

      Having separate flags for the POL at the 3 levels (instance, holdings or item) is important since libraries do this differently. Some have only the instance connected to the POL. Others have also the holdings and items. Having all 3 makes this very visible and clarifies the connections to the Orders App.


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