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Send notice to requester when request status changes to Open - Not on shelf



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      Current situation or problem: Patrons need to be notified when their requests status changes to Open - Not on shelf

      In scope

      A notice template in Not on shelf settings

      New trigger (request status change) to send notice (dynamic)

      Settings - when to send

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • A title level hold is place on Instance C. There are no items attached to instance C. A slip is printed and staff go to the shelves to find an item that can be processed to fulfill the request (UXPROD-4047). The staff member cannot locate an item to fulfill this request.
        • The item is marked as not on shelf and a second team looks for the item (within 48 hours for second check)
          • Item is found and request is filled
          • Item is not found and patron is notified

      Proposed solution/stories

      Add template in settings as was done for title level requests


      Place in notice policies 

      Additional info:

      Because there is no item to fulfill the record, a typical patron notice can not be sent. Patron notices are configured in Circulation rules, which are based on an item. 

      Does the trigger need to be configurable?

      Are there times when a notice shouldn't be sent?

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