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Send notice to requester when request status changes to Open - Not on shelf



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      Current situation or problem: Patrons need to be notified when their requests status changes to Open - Not on shelf

      In scope

      A notice template in Not on shelf settings

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      • A title level hold is place on Instance C. There are no items attached to instance C. A slip is printed and staff go to the shelves to find an item that can be processed to fulfill the request (UXPROD-4047). The staff member cannot locate an item to fulfill this request.
        • The item is marked as not on shelf and a second team looks for the item (within 48 hours for second check)
          • Item is found and request is filled
          • Item is not found and patron is notified

      Proposed solution/stories

      Add template in settings as was done for title level requests

      Additional info:

      Because there is no item to fulfill the record, a typical patron notice can not be sent. Patron notices are configured in Circulation rules, which are based on an item. 


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