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Duplicate a shared or local Instance (BE work)



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      This feature involves 2 Instance action menu options - duplicate as local and duplicate as shared. Duplicate as local is being covered by UIIN-2458.

      For now, if a library wants to duplicate an instance and make it shared, they will first duplicate it to create a local instance, and then share it.

      This feature would allow for the duplicated instance to be created as shared, instead of having to promote it to shared after creation.

      Clean up the description of this feature and decide if we can park it for now and tackle in a future iteration

      Current situation or problem: Consortia members must have the ability to collaborate in contributing and managing cataloging records. It must be possible to manage the importing and sharing of bibliographic records at the consortia level
      Start on each of 3 tenant types, with each of 4 recod types; all will be created as LOCAL Source = FOLIO, then promote to shared or use Z39.50 to update to MARC

      In scope:

      • Ability to duplicate either a Local or Shared Instance to create a new Shared or Local instance (new, separate actions?)
      • Promotion of Instance duplicated as Shared to consortial tenant (This may also be covered by UXPROD-4140)

      Out of scope:

      Proposed stories:

      • Create new options in the Instance Actions menu
        • Duplicate as local instance
        • Duplicate as shared instance
      • Duplicate as a local instance, create Instance with source = FOLIO:
        • Shared Instances with source = MARC - Create new local Instance with source = FOLIO
        • Shared instances with source = FOLIO - Create new local Instance with source = FOLIO
      • Duplicate as a shared instance, create new Shared Instance with source = FOLIO
        • Shared instances with source = MARC - Create new shared instance with source = FOLIO
        • Shared instances with source = FOLIO - Create new shared Instance with source = FOLIO
      • Upon duplication as a shared Instance, promote Instance to consortial tenant


      • Need to confirm whether there will be separate actions to duplicate as shared or duplicate as local, or if duplication will always create a local that will then have to be shared via a separate action

      No UI changes; a couple BE tasks, plus test scenarios

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