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Hebis. Loans prepare a file to print for e.g. German Reminder Fees (Quesnelia)



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      Time line: Solution is part of Quesnelia flower release, but code will be made available for Hebis end of 2023.

      Current situation or problem: We are developing solution for the German Reminder Fees. Here we for the final reminder, whether it's the third, the fifth or X there is the final, then some institutions want to send the final reminders as a printed file, and a delivery via snailmail.

      In scope:
      Mail: Create the reminder notice as a file and send it as attachment to defined email address or upload it to a cloud fileservice like Dropbox/Hessenbox.

      Out of scope:
      The initial solution will not require storing in FOLIO.

      Use case(s):
      As a staff user I want be able to access a file with all final reminder fees, which I need to print out and send to the respective patrons. The file is generated as a nightly job, which is send as an attachment to a defined central email address or upload to a cloud fileservice like Dropbox/Hessenbox.
      This will allow me to print out all the respective reminder fee notifications and they can be delivered by snail mail to the given patrons.

      UX mock up:

      Proposed solution/stories

      Links to additional info:
      Reminder fees – minimal set for hebis (as of January 2023)
      hebis_Reminder fees - minimal Requirements_20230213 (1).docx
      Example reminder - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QBe9wChGOKjOmkgBPBlpKvJd1yNHyI-aP7txXxHBvJM/edit


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