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Allow user to promote a local Instance to be a shared consortial instance, plus shared/shadow instance logic (BE work)



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      Current situation or problem: Consortia members must have the ability to collaborate in contributing and managing cataloging records. 

      In scope

      • User has the ability to "share" an instance record up to the consortia when creating the record
      • User has the ability to "share" an instance record up to the consortia when editing the record
      • User has the ability to "share" an instance with source FOLIO OR MARC
      • Once shared, user must have permission to edit shared instances to be able to edit the instance record further. Otherwise they can no longer edit the instance once shared

      Out of scope

      • Ability to "Unshare" a record
      • UI changes: See UIIN-2460 and UIIN-2461 for those details, plus the BE behavior that is triggered by the "Share local instance" action

      Proposed stories:

      • Create new options in the "Instance view" Actions menu
        • Share local instance
      • Create new options in the "Instance result list" Actions menu
        • Share selected local instances
          • NOTE: This is not currently accounted for in the UI stories. Mariia_Aloshyna and Kateryna Senchenko how much extra work would it be if we allow a user to select several local instances in the instance result list and then Share them all via a batch action, instead of having to share each instance, one at a time, from the Instance detail action menu?
      • Create shared record in central tenant
        • Share local Instances with source = MARC 
          • promote Instance to consortial tenant with source = FOLIO
          • Overlay Duplicate of MARC record from local tenant
          • Update HRID of local instance
          • Deprecate local MARC record
        • Share local instances with source = FOLIO
          • promote Instance to consortial tenant with source = FOLIO
          • Update HRID of local instance

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      • What happens to any attached holdings/items from other libraries when the record is "unshared"? This will not be in scope of this feature. Ultimately it is not clear what use case would support allowing users to unsure a record that is being used by other libraries. Potentially a library deciding to "Unshare" a record would simply create a local duplicate of the record (And underlying source) and move the libraries holdings and items to that local copy. Other libraries using that record would still have a shared record. 
      • When shared, does every library have the ability to view all holdings/items attached to that shared record? Yes, all member libraries will see the shadow view of the shared instance and any holdings and item data that appears in the Consortium accordion
      • Do we only need the ability to share individual instances, or do we also need the ability to select multiple Instances from the results pane to share?  Yes, it would be helpful to have a bulk share action that would share all of the local instances selected in the result pane.

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