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Inventory Single Record Import: Ability to search target and decide which record to import



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      Initial ISRI work was completed in UXPROD-976, along with the ability to select import profiles for ISRI targets in UXPROD-3831. This feature covers the development work scoped and planned in the prep Jira UXPROD-4072

      Currently, MARC Bib records imported to Inventory via Z39.50 use the target system's record ID number, so that a single, exact match is achieved. However, users do not always know the desired record and its ID number ahead of time. This new functionality would allow a user to search an external target to find a desired record, and then import it via Inventory Single Record Import.

      From within Inventory, users would like the ability to

      1. Open a Z39.50 session with an external target
      2. Search that external target and identify which record will be imported
        • Need to determine which searches will be needed
      3. Once a record is selected, import that record to
        • create an Instance and SRS MARC Bib (if no Instance exists in FOLIO)
        • update an Instance and SRS MARC Bib (if Instance exists and source = MARC)
        • update an Instance and create an SRS MARC Bib (if Instance exists and source = FOLIO)
        • and possibly create/update Inventory holdings and/or items

      Key links:

      To be determined:

      • How to update UI - new action in Inventory or update existing ISRI modals?
      • How to indicate user wants to search vs user already knows ID number
      • How to update Z39.50 target settings
      • Changes needed in MODCPCT module
      • Any changes needed in SRS, Inventory BE, DI modules?

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