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Create request status: Open – Not on shelf



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      Current situation or problem:

      FOLIO (staff) users need a way to indicate a requested item cannot be found on the shelf without permanently closing the request, or, enable the request to be reactivated if the item shows up somewhere and is scanned in/cataloged/inventoried. This applies to both title and item level requests. Titles and / or items with this request status should be holdable.

      In scope

      • New request status filter: Open - Not on shelf OR Open - Not found OR customizable by the library so it's a status of their choice
      • Create new setting to enable new status so not all libraries have to see it if they don't want to use it
      • Additional action added to Action menu - Change request status to NOS OR Change status to NOS OR Mark request as NOS OR Mark as not found
      • Additional feature for Open - Not on shelf (patron) notices

      Out of scope

      • Change in item status when request status is changed to Open - Not on shelf
      • Possibly out of scope - Permission for new action

      UXPROD-4047, printing slips for instances with no items

      Use case(s) 

      • A title level hold is place on Instance C. There are no items attached to instance C. A slip is printed and staff go to the shelves to find an item that can be processed to fulfill the request (UXPROD-4047). The staff member cannot locate an item to fulfill this request.
        • The item is marked as not on shelf and a second team looks for the item (within 48 hours for second check)
          • Item is found and request is filled
          • Item is not found

      Proposed solution/stories

      1. New request status “Open - not on shelf”, new trigger for not on shelf notice & workflow
        • Companion action to “move” request
        • Things to consider:
          UI code that consumes Request records would probably need to be updated, as well (eg. UI-Inventory, UI-Requests, etc.).
        • There will also be some work to be done in mod-patron and patron notices (tokens).
        • Maybe status should be Open - Not found (see attached workflow doc, page20)
        • Since not all libraries will want or use this new request status, we should create a setting to enable it
      • This solution could also provide building block for automated notices
      1. Add a setting in the cancellation reasons that you could check to say "allow cancelled requests to be filled when/if item becomes available". User could just check that box for the cancellation reason "not on shelf" and leave it unchecked for all the others. Libraries that don't want this functionality would just always leave it unchecked. 
        • Tag request record with not on shelf (cancelled) for follow up from QA team
        • Duplicate closed request to "Reactivate" if/when an item is found
          • What happens to queue position? (right now closed requests lose queue position) --> user/request can be moved manually to the top of the queue
          • Can we remove a tag from a closed request so that the request isn't looked for over and over?

      Additional info:

      Basic workflow for items not on shelf:

      1. Request is placed (usually congressional but can be general patron too)
      2. Request hits service point printer/print queue
      3. Picker heads to the shelves
      4. If the item is not found, the following happens:
        • Request status changed to new status/Picker changes request status AND patron notice is sent alerting patron that the item is not found
        • The QA team is notified via paper slip
      5. If QA finds the item, the request process continues
      6. If the item is not found, the request remains open and with the earlier not found request status - no further action is taken in FOLIO
      7. The request remains open in perpetuity or until the item is scanned in, which triggers the rest of the request process

      See page 20 of LoC (Current state) process doc attached for Item not on shelf workflow 


      1. There are two items on shelf and a request comes in. The paged item is not on shelf. What happens then? Is this type of "not on shelf" item marked missing?
        The paged item is marked as not on shelf. The second item (of the same title/instance) can fulfill the request
      2. How do we handle the need for the requester to be notified that the item is not on shelf (with tags solution)?
      3. How many NOS requests remain unfilled?
        Best estimate is about 35%
      4. Do you need to run reports on the workflow? If yes, what is being reported on?
        NOS items found, duplicate requests for same item from same patron, amount of time with NOS status. A desired report would be location of item found (on shelf, distribution, etc), tracking of alternative recommendations to patron for NOS item
      5. My notes state that the QA team/process is kicked off within 48 hours of a request/item being marked NOS. Is that accurate? How long does it usually take the QA team to realize they aren’t able to find the item either?
        Yes, the process starts within 48 hours. IF they can’t find the item in two weeks then it remains unfilled.
      6. Are unfulfilled NOS requests ever closed?
        Not in our current capability, but we’d be okay with that in FOLIO.
      7. Would you/do you need to make bulk changes on request statuses like NOS for example?
        Yes, we would like to/need to
      8. What happens to a request when an item is NOS, and the requester decides they don’t want the item?
        Currently in ACS there is no mode to cancel a request. Occasionally they’ll reach out to one of us and we can make note on it but generally it stays in the workflow no matter what. If it comes in and the patron doesn’t want it they just don’t pick it up.
      9. Would an item level request, rather than a title level request, trigger the same NOS workflow? It seems like an item level request indicates that you know the item exists, so this workflow may not apply. If an item needed to fill an item level request can’t be found and the NOS workflow doesn’t apply, is it marked missing?
        All requests trigger the NOS workflow. As we do not have a good mechanism for tracking items within our current ILS, most of the items that are NOS are actually item-level with barcodes, etc. At no point does an NOS mark an item missing, as ACS and Voyager do not integrate in this manner. It just remains NOS in ACS.
      10. At what point(s) is the patron notified that the item is not on shelf
        At the time of retrieval. For example, if I request an item and they can’t find it on the shelf when they go to retrieve it that day, they will send a response to me that the item was not on the shelf.
      11. How is the QA team notified that they need to look for an item? What triggers that notice?
        The physical call slip is placed in a bin for them.

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