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TLR: Allow printing pick slips for title level holds on instances with no (or incomplete) item records



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      Current situation or problem: FOLIO needs to have the ability to print pick slips for title level requests (holds) on instances with no item records. 

      Scenarios for printing pick slips:

      • Instance has no items
      • Instance has an item but it is not requestable
      • Instance has an item that is requestable but isn't available

      In scope

      Setting: Ability to print pick slips for title level holds

      Solution should be configurable - not all institutions want this functionality

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      A library has many copies of a title (instance), but no copies (or not all copies) have been cataloged. Only an instance record exists. When a patron needs an item from that instance, a pick slip needs to be printed so a staff member can go look for the item. This library may have remote storage where all items have been cataloged. TLR holding pick slips would not be printed for this location if the item is not available. If there is a holding associated with the instance then staff should always be able to print a pick slip as long as the item is not remote.

      Proposed solution/stories

      • Require a stub/dummy holding records for each instance (so a location can be associated with the title)
        • Create an interface to filter what's printed, like
          • slips with no items
          • print pick slips created since the last print
            • date/time filter
            • "new" slips
          • Slips for the holdings locations associated with the service point (where slips are printed from)
      • Enable printing pick slips for all title level requests
        • Service point configuration to either print or not print TLR pick slips - this could allow the user to 
          • have all regular pick slips for printing and pulling items
          • have remote storage never print
          • have two separate pick lists to print

      Solution update 29 Aug 2023:

      • In LC, there should be at least a stub item record for copy 1 for all instance records pre-1999 in general collection stacks, and for new materials since then, also in general collection stacks. We suspect there may be a copy 2 (that needs to be looked for and added to the record). 
      • This stub record for copy 1 enables the page request workflow, but only for the first request
      • Once the (only) item record is paged, all subsequent requests will be placed as a hold
      • A daily export of title level request holds can be printed to enable retrieval staff to look for copy 2 

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