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Bundle aged to lost fee/fines into a single notice (“Multiples”) when charging: Overnight



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      Current situation or problem:

      • Aged to lost fees (processing fee) and fines (aged to lost set cost) are generated according to the settings in the lost item fee policy (i.e. item ages to lost x time after being overdue >> patron is billed/charged x time after item aged to lost)
      • The patron notice policy contains a trigger (Lost item fee(s) charged) to send a notice when the patron is charged aged to lost fees/fines.
      • Currently, a SINGLE notice is sent out for every SINGLE fee/fine.
      • The aim of this feature = Send MULTIPLE fees/fines in a SINGLE notice.
      • The bundling happens OVERNIGHT ; using the same logic as for the due/date multiples.


      Proposed solution/stories:

      • Create new multiples tokens for the Fee/Fine Charge section:
        • FE: Add new multiples token: "Multiple fee/fine charges" for the Fee/Fine Charge section: UICIRC-904
        • BE: Add the "Multiple fee/fine charges" tokens to the Fee/Fine Charge in the Notice context - Vega to add/edit as necessary
        • BE: Populate the "Multiple fee/fine charges" tokens in the notices, with the data provided by the context - Vega to add/edit as necessary
      • Update the notice policy:
        • FE: Update patron notice policy: Multiples options for Lost item fee(s) charged: UICIRC-895
        • BE: Bundle mutliple aged to lost fees/fines into one single notice: CIRC-1725
        • BE: Closed aged to lost fee/fines are not included in bundled notices: CIRC-1735
      • Update UI in keeping with FOLIO's sentence case style: 
        • FE: In Add token modal, replace capital F, C and A with lowercase f, c and a: UICIRC-911

      Out of scope:

      • Bundling aged to lost fees/fines during the day.


      • What timing issues could arise?

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