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Mainz: Loans record. Add new property. Loan specific notes/comments



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      Current situation or problem: FOLIO only allows adding a note to the loan record when you override a patron block, or a loan policy. Currently there is no integration between FOLIO and the desktop client used by the German library consortium for receiving ILL requests.

      In scope: Introduce the concept of having a way in FOLIO to add a loan specific comment/note in the loan record for any transaction; e.g. the purpose of Inter Library Loan. The comment/note needs to be implemented as a property, so the value can be tokenized and used in the patron notices.
      Here UX mock up from kkester:

      Out of scope:

      1. Introducing a comment type, has been discussed with the user group from Mainz, but for now that's not in the scope of this work.
      2. Implementation of an Action button in the upper right of the screen condense the primary buttons at the top into an Actions dropdown, including also the new Actions button above the MCL for "New patron info" and "New staff info"
      3. Integration between the ILL client and FOLIO

      Use case(s):
      As a circulation staff member

      1. I want to change a loan’s due date and add a reason why I did it (staff info)
      2. when checking out to a receiving ILL library, I need to save the ILL transaction number on the loan for future reference/communication (patron info, needs to be on overdue notices)
      3. I want to define special conditions (reading room only etc.) for the ILL receiving library and save them on the loan for future reference/communication (staff info)
      4. when patron claims an item returned (comment required) and later calls with additional information I want to add that info to the loan (staff info)
      5. I want to track searches on claimed returned items and add a comment as a workaround until https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-532 gets developed (staff info)
      6. when I receive information concerning a loan by phone/email, I want to store that info on the corresponding loan (staff info)

      Proposed solution/stories:

      Links to additional info:

      1. The requirements has been discussed with the RA-SIG on 11/28/2022 -
        1. see meeting minutes: https://wiki.folio.org/display/RA/2022-11-28+Resource+Access+Meeting+Notes
        2. Link to reworked requirements for loan notes/comments (1/12/2023):
        3. Link to old version of the slide deck - updated with use cases slide #8 (12/14/2022) and three new slides #10-12 creens (1/4/2023) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17_4uxZPikUumeKMs2qugpILSzOoTuPS0eS3Aiay-0DU/edit#slide=id.p
      2. More documentation with examples: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t6NP27rdudm1ps98MKJWO2cB-VsXNsKnZkK2prGwHVw/edit#heading=h.kz385uystwln

      Other comments:
      For this implementation the UX follows what has been implemented on the Fee/fine screen - as reviewed by the Ressource Access SIG.
      At a later phase when the development teams have time to condense the primary buttons at the top of the loan record into an Actions dropdown; then at that time, they could also include the new Actions button above the MCL for "New patron info" and "New staff info"

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