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Adopt GOKb UUID as match identifier for packages in Agreements local KB



    • It is possible to continue using the shortcode but it will mean that when a package name is updated in GOKb a completely new package would be created in the Agreements local KB
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      Current situation or problem:

      The agreements local KB uniquely identifies packages in external data sources using a combination of the external source and a package 'reference' which should be a unique, unchanging, identifier for the package in the external source.

      When receiving updates for a package, these two pieces of information are taken together to match any incoming data to existing data for the same package in the Agreements Local KB

      For packages from GOKb the GOKb 'shortcode' has been stored as the package reference, making this the match identifier for package data from GOKb. However, following changes to GOKb the GOKb shortcode will now change when the GOKb package name is updated. In order to have a unique and non-changing identifier for the GOKb package, the GOKb UUID should be used as the Agreements local KB reference instead.

      This feature is to change to using the the GOKb UUID as the package 'reference' instead of the shortcode. This will need to include changing the behaviour going forward and migrating the existing package references from the shortcode to the UUID.

      In scope

      • Change to the GOKb adapter to populate the package reference with the GOKb UUID instead of the shortcode
      • Process to migrate the existing references from the shortcode to the UUID

      Out of scope

      • Other changes to the GOKb harvest process

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