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Settings > Tenant > Locations - Improve "Number of Locations" usability



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      Current situation or problem:
      The intentions of displaying the number of records using a given controlled vocab value were (1) to show if it is used and how much (useful because deletion is prevented when value is in use) (2) if you can click the number to get to a list of the items using the value you can edit them to change the value, if you are trying to deprecate a value (this will be a lot easier once we have bulk edit capabilities, but is still useful).

      This is not really fulfilling its function in Locations because (A) in locations, it only shows "# of Locations" when campuses and libraries are relevant to deletion, as well, and (B) you can't link to the list of records using the value in question.

      This feature encompasses work on Settings > Tenant > Locations on the Institutions, Campuses, and Libraries pages to make it easier to see what is in use and to jump in between "levels" of the location hierarchy in order to manage records more efficiently.

      In scope

      • UI-only changes to the pages for Settings > Tenant > Institutions, Settings > Tenant > Campuses, and Settings > Tenant > Libraries to change the count and link behavior of the "# of" column on the page

      Out of scope

      • Changes to back-end handling of locations. I am assuming that the function to count the number of associated records is being done only in the UI. If it is being done in a back-end module, then the scope of this may need to be adjusted.

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