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Remember location filter state as you move between campus / library / location



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      Current situation or problem: When creating locations, or looking up information about locations, libraries have to frequently move between the four areas of locations (institution, campus, library, location).

      If you need to move among campus, library, and location, the dropdowns reset each time, and you have to reselect desired values.

      It would be a great help to usability if the values could be "remembered" and the drop-downs not reset.

      In scope

      • Changes to the view pane for Settings > Tenant > Campuses, Settings > Tenant > Libraries, Settings > Tenant > Locations

      Out of scope

      • Changes to the location schema

      Use case(s)

      • A library is configuring ten new locations for use with remote storage, with two locations at one library, three locations at another library, and five locations at a third library associated with a different campus. Each time they move to the library view pane, and each time they move to the campus view pane, FOLIO should remember the previous selection, so that they only have to change the selection if the desired value has changed.

      Proposed solution/stories

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      • Do we want different behavior if we go from, say, Settings > Tenant > Location setup > Campuses to an app, versus if we stay within the Settings > Tenant > Location setup tree?
        Or perhaps to have the state persist only if you are within Settings?

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