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Notify user when item is returned, and ACTUAL COST gets cancelled / Scheduled notices



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      Current situation or problem:
      UXPROD-2165 covered the functionality to send automated notices for lost item fee/fines, for SET cost.
      This set of features aims to replicate that functionality for ACTUAL COST (UXPROD-3377).

      • Notify user when item(s) are charged aged to lost (automated f/f) with ACTUAL COST / Scheduled notices (UXPROD-3573 )
      • Notify user when item is returned, and ACTUAL COST gets cancelled / Scheduled notices (this ticket UXPROD-3740)

      Use case(s)

      • As library staff, I want to send a notice to a patron, with the adjusted lost item fee/fine, due to the item being returned.
        • I want to configure a template, that is automatically sent out when the lost item is returned or renewed, and the actual cost is therefore cancelled.
          • FE | Make the token "feeCharge.additionalInfo" selectable for automated f/f adjustment notice templates (UICIRC-862 )
          • BE | Add the field "feeCharge.additionalInfo" to the Fee/Fine Charge object in the Notice context (MODFEE-289 )
          • BE | Populate the token "feeCharge.additionalInfo" in the notices, with the data provided by the context (MODNOTIFY-114 )
          • BE | Make sure the Fee/Fine Action object includes Actual Cost (MODFEE-285 )
        • I want to add this template to a patron notice policy.
          • BE | Make sure the trigger "Lost item returned - fee(s) adjusted" includes Actual Cost (MODFEE-283 )
      • As library staff, I want to see the log of this notice being sent in the circ log.
          • Task | Check that the notice actions appear in the circ log (UICIRC-861 )

      Other stories and/or considerations: 

      • What will be localised, and what not.
      • What permissions?
      • Karate tests (main biz logic) + performance tests + test rail cases.


      • Have I selected the right modules for each story?
      • In which order should the stories be done?
      • Is UICIRC-861 indeed just a task?


      Out of scope

      • Statements including status of all (outstanding) fees/fines by patron (UXPROD-2113)
      • Declared lost notices (UXPROD-2306)
      • Notices for fee/fine actions (e.g. pay, transfer, etc.) on automatic lost item fee/fines.

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