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Bulk Edit - User data - in app approach



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      Current situation or problem:
      In the Morning Glory release, user records can be updated using the CSV approach (UXPROD-3225) that allows user to download a CSV file with matching records, make locally changes and then upload the updated file. Such approach requires familiarity with FOLIO's data structure and awareness of the impact the changes will have on the system. A simpler approach was recommended by the community and also confirmed by the UX research. This feature will implement In-app approach to for editing selected fields from the user records will guide the user through all steps of the bulk edit in the Bulk Edit app.

      In scope
      1. Create a permission that is required for bulk editing of user records but is separated from the updates of the singular user records and bulk edits of other record types.

      2. Identify records for the bulk edit based on:

      • a list of submitted identifiers (user barcodes, usernames, external IDs, and UUIDs)
      • a simple query

      3. Support update of following fields:

      • patron group
      • expiration date
      • email address

      4. Bulk edit functionality covered:

      • Identify records for editing by submitting a file with identifiers or building a simple query
      • Edit record(s): add new data, remove existing data, modify existing data
      • Review changes before they are committed
      • Confirm changes to be committed
      • Commit changes
      • Log committed changes
      • Log errors if encountered
      • Handle exception (including notifying users)

      5. Modify Export Manager so that the files used in bulk edit (list of identifiers, query results, previews of records before the changes are committed, previews of records after the changes are committed, and list of errors):

      • can be accessed only by the users with required permissions
      • can be filtered by file type, date and time created and the status how the file was generated.

      Out of scope
      Bulk edits for the following user records related data:

      • User permissions edits - planned for Orchid release (R1 2023)
      • Tags - planned for Orchid release (R1 2023)
      • Custom fields - planned for Queen Ann's Lace (R3 2023)
      • Fees and fines - planned for Queen Ann's Lace (R3 2023)
      • Patron blocks - planned for Queen Ann's Lace (R3 2023)
      • Advanced search (single record) - planned for Orchid release (R1 2023)
      • Cross app queries - planned for Poppy and Queen Ann's Lace releases (R2, R3 2023)

      Use case(s)

      1. Bulk update of patron information - use cases like extending expiration dates;
      2. update Expiration date in general (e.g. to make user inactive)
      3. update Patron group
      4. update based on a list of user barcodes, which needs to be uploaded
      5. Change e-mail address for all affected users when the institution domain changes
      6. Bulk edit expiration date for users. Criteria: Patron group, current expiration date, Blocking status, Department, Custom fields, etc.

      Links to additional info

      1. Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jPuVpr9R4F9BCbXRCHSGdan2ePSB_0nz
      2. Prioritized list of the user records fields marked for deletion: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/138eTmCiZbZ1F-kZL71_GsRR4zePNyuUG/edit#gid=165371240

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