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NFR: UI end-to-end tests for Folijet (Nolana R3 2022)



    • Nolana R3 2022
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      Oleksandr Bashtynskyi and Mariia_Aloshyna to update the description below
      Ivan Kryzhanovskyi to confirm if there's a particular amount of capacity to be used for this


      Will need to confirm if Folijet works on Smoke for other modules or moves to Critical Path for Folijet modules

      In scope:

      • Any Data Import Smoke Tests left?
      • If not, write E-to-E tests for another app, or move on to Critical Path tests?

      Out of scope:

      • Individual unit tests (covered by RTL/Jest work)
      • Performance/stability tests for large files (covered by the Stability feature)

      Within the tests:

      • Will need to configure the environment
      • Will need appropriate MARC/EDIFACT files (1 record in the file)
      • Will need the appropriate profiles
      • Test covers the workflow from profile creation through finishing the UI log
      • Reset environment after tests

      After the tests are written

      • Confirm that they are running and passing on a regular basis
      • Fix any problems identified during the automated runs
      • Retire the manual TestRail case(s) that the automated test replaces
        • See PO if any questions
        • See description here for updating TestRail
      • If possible, add recording of the automated test to the Jira, to show it working

      Use case(s)

      • See list of available smoke test cases at FAT-552 and list of available critical path test cases at FAT-1188

      TestRail: Results


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