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Create/edit. Analytical records; bound with - part 2: link multiple bibs to the same item



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      CW - 12/18/2020 + 5/24/2021: I have split the original feature UXPROD-1241 into three:

      1. UXPROD-1241 will cover the Backend work done by development team Thor in R1 2021, funded by GBV.
      2. UXPROD-2855 covers the front end work - display in the UI. This work can begin when UXPROD-1241 is done
      3. Edit of bound with records
        • UXPROD-3080 Covers work the Prokopovych development team will do. Scope: Morning Glory
        • UXPROD-3640 Covers work the Sif development team (funded by GBV) will do. Scope: Morning Glory
          The libraries ranking are kept in sync for all three features.

      Goal/Problem: Need to link multiple instance records to the same item.
      Need to identify (clarify) which elements will be displayed in instance detail record for circulation screens.

      Cataloguing format of
      1) Analytical records (= analyzed separate bibliographic records for a work published as a collection) and
      2) bound with records (= bound-with monographs are instances of two or more independent works)

      Use cases: If one title in a bound-with is checked-out; all other titles bound-with need to be shown as checked out.
      As a user I need to see accurate availability at the title level
      As circulation staff I need to be able to see what materials are checked out and to what user
      Cataloging staff need to see which titles are bound together; if looking at one title, need to know which other titles are bound with it

      Analytic record needs to reflect circulation status of analyzed title

      Data elements needed? [feedback needed from RA]

      Related features:

      1. UXPROD-1241 Back End work - BE: Analytical records; bound with - part 2: link multiple bibs to the same item
      2. UXPROD-2855 FE: Display Bound with in the UI (Instance, holdings, item)
      3. UXPROD-3640 Sif. Edit. Analytical records; bound with - part 2: link multiple bibs to the same item

      MM-SIG working groups specifications:
      Slide deck (Create and Edit): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1RbNu0Ce0HKOYf-kygTP_tKgIdhetWEz91Z9B89scDZY/edit?q=bound+with#slide=id.p
      Slide deck (UXPROD-1241, UXPROD-2855) - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CXD7K_b6sN6f9ZdKW0qRIYA7PLcsjucPMbRtJun2mCU/edit#slide=id.p

      Old documents:
      Source: https://discuss.folio.org/t/multipart-monographs/1347

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