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Final fix to make "Check out: View Fees/Fines" work as expected



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      The permission ui-checkout.viewFeeFines- "Check out: View fees/fines" - was implemented in Iris to support needed functionality in the Check Out app.

      In the Check Out app, libraries wanted to present information about a patron's owed fee/fines without necessarily giving full access to a patron's record.

      The idea was that a patron with just ui-checkout.all would get text of the amount owed, but a patron with access to the check out app PLUS "Check out: view fees/fines" would get a link that would take them into the Users app to view more information about the patron's fine history.

      However, this permission was never able to work as expected because a permission to simply view fees/fines didn't exist yet in the Users app. See UICHKOUT-729 for a discussion about how the functionality was broken.

      So, the link in the Scan card pane was coded to require ui-users.accounts, but ui-users.accounts grants way too much access to fine functionality.

      A permission to view fees/fines (and loans, which is necessary for being able to view complete fine information) was implemented in Kiwi Bugfix - see UICIRC-693.

      The permission is ui-users.feesfines.view

      Now that this permission exists, we need to fix the desired functionality of "Check out: View fees/fines" by updating the permission control:


      Rather than requiring ui-checkout.viewfeefines and ui-users.accounts to make the link work, we need to require ui-checkout.viewFeeFines and ui-users.feesfines.view to finally get to the way this link was spec'd out to work.

      Acceptance criteria
      1. A user assigned "ui-checkout.circulation" and "ui-checkout.viewfeesfines" and no other permissions in the Users app can view a patron record in the Scan card pane. If the user has fines, they can click the fine amount as a link and have it open the fine information in the Users app.
      2. A user assigned "ui-checkout.circulation" and NOT assigned "ui-checkout.viewfeesfines" will be able to view a patron record in the Scan card pane. If the user has fines, they are able to see the amount as text, but the amount is not a link to the fine information in the user record.

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