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Spec and planning. Inventory. Mark instance for deletion. 1st iteration. Enable the user to mark an instance for deletion



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      The implementation of Mark for deletion work has been split into two iterations:

      1. UXPROD-3621 (Spec and planning)
      2. UXPROD-3742 (The actual work)

      Implementation: In Edit view a toggle which enable the user to mark an instance for deletion. For this first iteration the permissions will be regular Edit. When we have defined the technical solution allowing us to do Field level permissions, then we can implement this granular level of permissions. Field level permissions are currently being discussed in the App Interaction SIG (CC: Martina Schildt)

      Delete functionality will be implemented when introducing the refined UX of Inventory. A drop down menu in the top bar.

      Out put:

      1. Specifications
      2. Demo at WOLFcon: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kp44JB0pOsiwvkDHWmqLvZWLbh0bd-9IWL_wf1hGP8k/edit
      3. Presentation for the MM-SIG https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ePfp0_fK1xW4mfpS6NRIkFwDQEyAvqMPTAlXI8hbxCI/edit#slide=id.g1364ff8ecb1_0_14

      Technical backend note: The Inventory database has constraints defined on Instance, HoldingsRecord and Item to prevent deletion of entities with dependent records. The database will throw an exception if such a delete is attempted, as a last backstop - see:

      1. InstanceStorageAPI.java

      Out of scope: Prevent delete-all (wipe all data in Inventory). This functionality is used by SysOps doing migrations. The Core Platform is working on changing bulk deletion:

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