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The ability to EXPORT fund detail via csv file



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      Purpose: Users need to be able to export and import their ledgers in order to bulk edit Fund and Budget details easily

      Use cases:

      • Librarian administrator logs into folio after finishing fiscal year rollover. The librarian needs to allocate money to all budgets in the new fiscal year. User downloads all budgets and updates numbers in spreadsheet. Uploads all numbers to update values in Finances
      • Library may want to upload budget numbers for planned budgets for the coming year. This would require us to have the ability to choose what fiscal year we are adding the budget information to.
      • Mid fiscal year it is sometimes necessary to make updates to budget allocations. TO do this we would export budgets and make changes to the necessary budgets. Uploading these changes would result in increases or decreases in allocation for the budget that were changed.

      High-Level Requirements:

      These requirements needed to be updated to accommodate the new element Expense class. It could also makes sense to split this feature into separate requirements for import and export. https://wiki.folio.org/x/v8K8B

      Note changing the Fund information and budget information at the same time may be confusing. Could be helpful to separate these into separate actions.



      Out of scope:

      • Creating any type of transfer, payment or credit using this process.
      • Creating new Funds during this process


      Export to CSV

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