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Provide Freeform "Full Address" Text Fields for Addresses



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      Current situation or problem:

      Addresses are hard. While highly-structured data is generally preferable, addresses are one data type that do not lend themselves to a one-size fits all approach. To account for address data that does not fit into the provided fielded data structure, we should provide a free-text field (presented as a text area form element in the UI) as part of all "address" records/record objects in FOLIO.

      In scope

      • Update all data models in FOLIO that capture address information to include a dedicated "full address" text field
      • Add this field as an available address token in notices and staff slips
      • Update UI framework to handle/display this information

      Out of scope

      • Validation of this field

      Use case(s)

      • Data migration from systems that provide more free-form addresses without the need for heavy manual intervention and/or high incidence of "errors", where data is stored in the "wrong" field in the address record.
      • Better support for atypical addresses

      Proposed solution/stories

      • In records that store addresses (eg. Users and Organizations), provide a data field that is meant for storing full representations of addresses, formatted by the user who enters the data.
      • When displaying a textual representation of a given full address, this field should be used in lieu of concatenating the existing fields. This includes the FOLIO UI, as well as things like notice/staff slip tokens.
      • If addresses are searchable/queryable, this field should have a full-text index in the database.

      Links to additional info


      • What can we do to improve the flexibility of fielded addresses in FOLIO?
      • Should the availability of this functionality be configurable? Should libraries be able to force the use of structured fields?

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