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Notify user when item(s) are charged aged to lost (automated f/f) with ACTUAL COST / Scheduled notices



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      Current situation or problem:
      UXPROD-2165 covered the functionality to send automated notices for lost item fee/fines, for SET cost.
      This set of features aims to replicate that functionality for ACTUAL COST (UXPROD-3377).

      • Notify user when item(s) are charged aged to lost (automated f/f) with ACTUAL COST (this ticket UXPROD-3573 ) / Scheduled notices
      • Notify user when item is returned or renewed, and ACTUAL COST gets cancelled / Scheduled notices (UXPROD-3740)


      Use case(s)/ Stories:

      • As library staff, I want to send a notice to a patron, for whose aged to lost item I have just charged the actual cost.
        • I want to configure a template, that is sent out when I charge the actual cost.
          • FE | Make the token "feeCharge.additionalInfo" selectable for automated f/f charge notice templates (UICIRC-838 )
          • BE | Add the field "feeCharge.additionalInfo" to the Fee/Fine Charge object in the Notice context (MODFEE-293 )
          • BE | Populate the token "feeCharge.additionalInfo" in the notices, with the data provided by the context (MODNOTIFY-113 )
          • BE | Make sure the Fee/Fine Charge object includes Actual Cost (MODFEE-292 )
        • I want to add this template to a patron notice policy.
          • BE | Make sure the trigger "Lost item fee(s) charged" includes Actual Cost (MODFEE-291 )
        • I want to send a notice, when I charge the actual cost.
          • BE | Add business logic to send the appropriate template when charging the patron (MODFEE-290 )
      • As library staff, I want to stop sending the f/f notices when the fee has been paid - behaviour should be like Set Cost.
          • BE | Add business logic to stop sending the f/f notices once the actual cost fee is "-" (0.00) (MODFEE-284 )
          • BE | Add business logic to stop sending the f/f notices once the lost item is returned (MODFEE-286 )
          • BE | Add business logic to stop sending the f/f notices once the lost item is renewed (MODFEE-287 )

      Other stories and/or considerations: 

      • Nothing needs localising.
      • No need for separate, new permissions.
      • No performance tests need, as these are notices that are sent singly (i.e. not as part of a batch).
      • Karate tests (main biz logic) @Julie to do
        • UAT, including processing fees (which should work as previously)

      Out of scope

      • Sending a notice when the item is returned
      • Statements including status of all (outstanding) fees/fines by patron (UXPROD-2113)
      • Declared lost notices (UXPROD-2306)
      • Notices for fee/fine actions (e.g. pay, transfer, etc.) on automatic lost item fee/fines

      Links to additional info
      See mock-ups of the Actual Cost modal in Users here: UIU-1863


      • Have I selected the right modules for each story?
      • In which order should the stories be done?
      • Is UICIRC-860 indeed just a task?

      Old questions:

      • Should there be 2 features: this feature for the CHARGE notice (i.e. the actual cost charged when aged to lost), and another feature for the WAIVE notice (i.e. when the actual cost is waived when the lost item is returned)? Refinement 11March22: Yes, there should be two features, even if the feature for WAIVE is 0 effort; there is still testing to be done, etc.
      • See mock-ups on UIU-1863 : Should the notice be sent when clicking "Charge fee" (3-charge-fee-modal.png), or when clicking "Confirm & save" (4-confirm-modal.png)? Refinement 11March22: Confirm & save
      • Generally, all other lost item policy configurations (when aged to lost, charging a processing fee or not, etc.) should remain the same. How to best document that? Refinement 11March22: No need to document; that is the working assumption that what is not in the feature shouldn't change.
      • Assumption: patron notice template category = Automated fee/fine charge (+ allow the token "feeCharge.additionalInfo") + Automated fee/fine adjustment (refund or cancel). Refinement 11March22: Correct!
      • Patron notice policy: Can we piggyback the existing triggers "Lost item fee(s) charged" + "Lost item returned - fee(s) adjusted"? Refinement 11March22: Yes!
      • Please confirm with me all the stories that need writing (and whether they are FE or BE). Refinement 26April22: Leave the BE stories to the team. Otherwise, just go an write some stories!
      • UXPROD-2165 included functionality regarding replacement, but replacement doesn’t work yet – should I also add replacement to this feature, while waiting for replacement to be developed? Refinement 11March22: If this features is fulfilled without replacement, then replacement should not be in the feature.

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