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Delete MARC authority records via UI



    • Morning Glory R2 2022
    • Large < 10 days
    • XL < 15 days
    • High
    • Spitfire
    • 0
    • R3


      • Provide a cataloger the ability to delete an MARC authority record via UI
      • Must have a UI permission
      • Cannot delete a MARC authority record that is linked to another record

      Additional notes from Spitfire/Folijet mtg 4 Feb 2022:

      • Triggered by option in the MARC Authority detail record's Actions menu
      • Does a soft delete of the Inventory and SRS Authority record (to allow for rollback)
      • When a user selects the action in the MARC Authority app, it will use a default Data Import profile (like Inventory Single Record Import)
      • Need to consider this action in the context of the Morning Glory flow control work (UXPROD-3471). Like Inventory Single Record Import, we don't want MARC Authority deletes to get trapped behind larger Data Import jobs
      • May need an additional BE story or two to create a Delete action for DI, and fit into the overall DI processing engine. Consult with Kateryna Senchenko about it.
      • UI:
        • In DI Settings, do not show the Data Import profiles being used to power the MARC Authority app delete function
        • In the DI app (Landing page and View all), do not show the logs that result from this action
        • In the Action profiles, do not show Delete as an option in the UI for the "Actions" dropdown list
      • Decide if permission is in MARC Authority or DI; delete should be a separate permission. Make sure not to confuse permission for deleting records with permission for deleting profiles
      • Need performance test, to gauge the affect with this new action
        • in the context of Data Import jobs
        • with circulation background activity
        • with Single Record Data Import background activity
      • If a library processes a MARC Authority delete file through the Data Import UI, using the Update option, that will update the SRS MARC and MARC Authority UI to have the delete Leader byte (because just overlaying the whole MARC Authority record), but will not delete (or soft delete) the record from Inv-storage or SRS
        • Consider a UI indication for the MARC Authority app that the record is marked as deleted, maybe similar to the Inventory Suppressed from discovery (red exclamation point in results, red warning message at top of detail record)

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