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Patron Portal Support (for Patron Features in Discovery)



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    • XXL < 30 days
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      The Patron Portal encompasses the set of functionalities through which Patrons interact with the Folio system. Patrons do not directly log-in to the Folio User Interface and as such there is no UX associated with the Patron Portal The Patron Portal consists of a set of APIs that allow the users to perform actions such as: placing a hold on an item; paying overdue fines; etc.. The Patron does not interact with the APIs directly but rather through user interfaces that integrated to those APIs: e.g. an OPAC or Discovery system.

      The Patron portal would also be used to implement some of the functionality required by GDPR: such as correcting a user record.

      Estimates from stories:
      UXPROD-367 Configuration for Patron Portal FE: Small < 3 days BE: Medium < 5 days
      UXPROD-366 Develop mod-patronportal Okapi Module FE: None BE: XL < 15 days
      UXPROD-365 Edge API for Patron Portal FE: None BE: Medium < 5 days

      Features completed for this feature:

      • Patron authentication via SSO
      • Ability to view loans
      • View fines & fees
      • View holds
      • View past history of loans returned & paid fees
      • Renew loans on items

      The ability to issue holds by title are being handled by an additional feature: UXPROD-1061

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