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Enhancements to the Data Import log (Morning Glory)



    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
    • XL < 15 days
    • Medium
    • XL < 15 days
    • A-M to add stories and then Leads revisit ests; timebox based on SME feedback; include additional enhancements feature in Nolana if necessary
    • Folijet
    • 110
    • R1


      Watch size of scope; if starts to exceed the estimate, then consider splitting some of the work, or increasing estimate

      Overview PPT for all except delete logs: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1j825v-3_lGHcngoiJHaIUId2AVqAtBv1rX5np2ul2ms/edit?usp=sharing

      abreaux review issues in related features UXPROD-2200, UXPROD-2802, UXPROD-3363. figure out if they can be consolidated or reworked to better explain how they fit together

      See also UXPROD-2350: if the marc authority delete logs are hidden from UI, will there be a way for libraries to know about them and delete them?

      Question: How hard would it be to create a way for users to be able to delete import logs via direct call to the API? (in addition to the UI process)

      Possible enhancements to the Data Import log

      1. Add option to mark and delete individual import jobs - Stories created
      2. Add summary at top of record list, with filter for errors - Stories created
      3. Possibly change error column to include text of the error - Draft story created - Cannot fit into Morning Glory
      4. Possibly distinguish discards because no further action versus discards because multiple matches - Pending
      5. Distinguish jobs stopped by user versus jobs failed by FOLIO - Stories created
      6. For long logs, change Load more to Pagination - Stories created
      7. Fix navigation from log summary back to Landing page or View all - Draft story created
      8. Separate permissions to delete logs - Stories created
      9. Create or update Karate tests - Pending
      10. Create E-to-E tests - Pending

      Out of scope:

      • Export the log or error messages (Create separate feature if needed in the future)

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