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Inventory: Strip leading, trailing, and double spaces out of data in some elements (instance, holdings, item)



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      We’ve discovered that it’s very easy, when copying and pasting data into, for example, the call number field in a holdings record, to include one or more leading or trailing spaces. It’s also easy to delete unwanted characters and end up with multiple spaces where there should be just one. This is impacting spine labeling. This same issue could cause problems with barcode retrieval. We’d like the data to be stored without the extra spaces.

      "space" should be considered as a category, not a literal character, e.g., leading and trailing carriage returns & tabs should also be ignored

      LADANI5972 can provide additional details

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO Snapshot as user Diku_admin
      2. Go to the Inventory app
      3. In another tab open OCLC Worldcat, and find ..

      Expected Results:
      Actual Results:
      Additional Information:
      Will most likely require re-index, to get the white space not being indexed
      Interested parties:

      Developer Notes

      Before this can be worked on, we need more information.

      Which record types should this apply to? Is it every record type in inventory?
      Which fields should this apply to? Is it all text fields?
      Which characters should be removed? Is it the spaces, tabs and carriage returns or all characters than unicode considered to be whitespace?

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