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TLR: Multivolume series & continuing resources



    • Patrons will have to search for the issue/copy they'd like, and then request a specific copy. This becomes inefficient when there are numerous copies or issues of items for larger systems.
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      Current situation or problem: Requests for multivolume series and continuing resources can only be done at the item level. Patrons should be able to request a volume or issue of a series/title without having to specify or select the copy. This is highly valued by public libraries and consortia that serve both public and academic libraries. 

      In scope: Working with (and maybe expanding if needed) the newly implemented title level request functionality (Lotus & Morning Glory releases)

      Out of scope

      Use case(s)

      1. A patron needs vol 52 of Science, but they don't care if it is coming from Library A, B or the Annex.
      2. A patron would like season 3 of the Walking Dead tv show, but doesn't care which copy they receive 
      3. Reserves staff needs the 5th edition of Principles of Biology to place on reserves (in this case the title may be cataloged as a series)
      4. As a patron I want book 9 of Virgil's Aeneid but I don't care which copy I get
      5. A library has a serial that is partially inventoried; not all volumes have item records
        • request placed by title of the series
          • volume needed typed into comments field
        • volumes before 1999 incomplete
      6. A patron has found a title in a catalog. They look at the holding statement and need issue 56 out 80; they request the name of the articles and page numbers so just that can be filled, not the whole issue (currently occurs through Illiad which does not connect directly to Voyager)
      7. A patron needs volumes 33-83 of an uninventoried serial run. They need the ability to get their requested items without putting in fifty individual requests.
      8. A library has a serial that is partially inventoried and not all volumes have item records. These need to be requestable by patrons.

      Proposed solution/stories

      Links to additional info


      • How are continuing resources/serials broken out between instance, holding and title?
      • How do we create a title level request that includes a volume or season?

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