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Support Open Access requests within Agreements



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      Current situation or problem:
      Open Access publication requests are often fulfilled under an existing agreement. For example publishers may offer a read and publish agreement that not only covers access to read articles/chapters from resources but also to publish articles (or other types of publication) either without further charge or with some preferential options such as discounts or price caps.

      This feature is to support making a link between an OA publication request and an agreement as expressed in the Agreements app

      In scope
      Linking Open Access requests to agreements
      Indicating that Agreements have an Open Access component
      Adding support for key Open Access agreement properties in Agreements

      Use case(s)

      1. A library enters into an Agreement with a publisher or other content provider that includes open access aspects (such as read and publish agreements) and wishes to record all the details so that they are able to record the full details of the agreement for later reference.
      2. An author at an institution is publishing an open access article. The library is informed of the upcoming publication and wants to record it in case there are any charges to be paid and to later report on the number of open access publications made. As they record the details of the request the library wish to link the request to a relevant agreement in order to be able to apply any discounts/options that apply under the agreement and later report on the value they got from an agreement in terms of open access publication

      Links to additional info
      Open Access SIG https://wiki.folio.org/display/OA/Open+Access+SIG+Home
      Primer on Transformative Agreements by Lisa Hinchcliffe https://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2019/04/23/transformative-agreements/

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