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NFR: Create integration tests for key Data Import functionality using Karate (Morning Glory)



    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
    • Out of scope
    • High
    • XXL < 30 days
    • Folijet
    • 99


      Karate test tech debt should only take 15% of Folijet's capacity. Any beyond that, move to Nolana

      Feature to create integration tests for main workflows in data import and basic API tests to cover data import API with Karate tests. This feature covers work done in Morning Glory. Allows for testing integration between modules on live environment; test all endpoints.

      Preliminary estimate 55 SP for completing this feature based on team estimation.
      Maximum SP for MG should be 40 SP

      Continued from LotusĀ  UXPROD-3121

      May finish the Karate tech debt in Morning Glory; if not, some will move to Nolana

      NOTE The environment for the Karate tests is still problematic, so the Folijet tests are failing in the main environment, but succeed when run locally. Hopefully Kitfox will get it sorted during Morning Glory

      Scope for Morning Glory

      • Finish API tests for mod-data-import-converter-storage
      • Cover with API tests mod-source-record-manager and mod-source-record-storage
      • Add integrations tests for MARC Bib update imports with match on locationĀ 
      • Add integrations tests for MARC Bib update imports with match on identifier type and value
      • Add integration test for OCLC import
      • Add integration tests for EDIFACT imports with multiple fields mapping into 1 invoice field with space or hyphen
      • Add additional checks for existing integration flows (more detailed mapping verification, Source values, etc.)

      Within the tests:

      • Will need to set up necessary default (tenant-specific) data
      • Will need appropriate MARC/EDIFACT files (1 record in the file)
      • Will need the appropriate profiles
      • Test covers the workflow from profile creation through finishing the UI log
      • Reset environment after tests

      Acceptance criteria:

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