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NFR: UI end-to-end tests for Folijet (Morning Glory)



    • Morning Glory (R2 2022)
    • XXL < 30 days
    • High
    • Out of scope
    • Folijet
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      Karate and E-to-E UI test tech debt should only take 15% of Folijet's capacity. Any beyond that, move to Nolana

      Current estimate; ca. 60 days for UI

      See list of available smoke use cases at FAT-552

      Current situation or problem: FOLIO does not have automated end-to-end tests and must rely on manual user tests. In Morning Glory, Folijet will focus on automating smoke test cases mainly for Inventory, plus a few for requests

      In scope:

      • Update for Morning Glory; any Data Import Smoke Tests left?
      • If not, write E-to-E tests for another app, or move on to Critical Path tests?

      Out of scope:

      • Individual unit tests (covered by RTL/Jest work)
      • Performance/stability tests for large files (covered by the Stability feature)

      Within the tests:

      • Will need to configure the environment
      • Will need appropriate MARC/EDIFACT files (1 record in the file)
      • Will need the appropriate profiles
      • Test covers the workflow from profile creation through finishing the UI log
      • Reset environment after tests

      After the tests are written

      • Confirm that they are running and passing on a regular basis
      • Retire the manual TestRail case(s) that the automated test replaces
        • See PO if any questions
        • See description here for updating TestRail
      • If possible, add recording of the automated test to the Jira, to show it working

      Use case(s)

      • See list of available smoke use cases at FAT-552

      TestRail: Results


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